TaxCycle T2 (and AT1) certified filing release

Announcing the first CRA and Alberta AT1 certified filing version of TaxCycle T2.  This release also includes improved T1 and T2 carry forwards, and a preview of the slips modules.

What's included in this release

Read our release notes for complete details. Highlights include:

Full details and instructions on how to use the new features appear in the release notes.

Upcoming releases

Upcoming releases

Expected release date

TaxCycle T4/T4A, T5 and T5018 certified filing release

As soon as we're certified. 

TaxCycle T1 2013 certified filing release:

  • Family returns
  • Client Manager
  • Template Editor
  • Import client information from CRA Represent a Client

Later January 2014

How to get this release

This release is currently only available as a full download from our website

We'll make it available as an automatic update after Christmas when we're back in the office to take your calls. (Please note our holiday hours.)

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release notes


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