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TaxCycle version 6.2.32075.0—Approval codes for electronic filing of the T1135 and the AT1 in TaxCycle T2/CO-17

This release updates the approval codes for electronic filing of the T1135 and the AT1 in the most recent module of TaxCycle T2/CO-17. It also contains other minor changes related to loading forms and bulletins. 

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TaxCycle version 6.2.32069.0—Preview removed from T3 2017, other smaller changes

This version removes the Preview watermark from TaxCycle T3 2017. It also contains other smaller changes to competitor carryforwards and memory usage. 

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TaxCycle version 6.2.31949.0—Carryforward now available from ProFile® T1 and T3, Cantax® T1, and Taxprep® T3

This update activates ProFile®, Cantax® T1, and Taxprep® T3 carryforwards from 2016 to 2017 that were not available in version 6.2.31935.0.

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TaxCycle version 6.2.31935.0—2017 modules and T1 planner

This major TaxCycle Suite release rolls over T1, T3, T4/T4A T5018, NR4, and Forms modules to 2017. It also adds a preview version of a T1 planning worksheet to the T1 2016 module.

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Taxcycle version 6.2.31865.0—T2 and AT1 certification extended for corporate tax year ends up to October 31, 2017

This major TaxCycle T2 release extends CRA and Alberta certification for corporate year ends up until October 31, 2017. The highlights of this release include new and revised forms, as well as recent federal and provincial budget changes. It also includes an update to the Client Manager to allow you to choose columns and column order.

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TaxCycle version 6.1.31577.0—Resolved issues in T2/CO-17

This update resolves issues found since the release of version 6.1.31567.0.

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TaxCycle version 6.1.31567.0—Resolved issues in CO-17

This TaxCycle patch update resolves CO-17 issues found in version 6.1.31552.0.

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TaxCycle version 6.1.31552.0—TaxCycle T2 is certified by Revenu Québec to file CO-17 corporate tax returns

TaxCycle T2 is now certified by Revenu Québec to file CO-17 corporate tax returns. CO-17 is included in your TaxCycle T2 license. This release also includes translation of TaxCycle T2 forms and templates into French.

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TaxCycle version 6.1.31525.0—ReFILE for 2015 tax year, T2054 changes, AFR tweaks

This optional update adds ReFILE for 2015 T1 returns and changes to the T2 T2054/CDA Current Year worksheet. It also includes a few other optional changes to AFR, the TL2 and Client Manager indexing.

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TaxCycle version 6.1.31490.0—Asset summary, right-click T1135 transfer to spouse, optional fixes

This optional update adds a few customer-requested enhancements that we would like you to try before the end of the season.

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