Field overrides

Updated: 2017-08-11
  1. Start typing in a blue calculated field to override the value.
  2. If you prefer to press the F2 key before overriding a field, you can disable automatic override in options (Edit page, under Return Preparation):
    Disable automatic overrides
  3. Press Ctrl+F2 to override the format, such as a phone number or postal code field.
  4. Press F2 to remove an override.
  5. Fields with an override appear in red text, with a red asterisk in the top left of the field. The form icon shows a red asterisks too:
    overrided fieldform-icon-override

Tracking review marks, overrides and sign offs

TaxCycle tracks the time and person when someone applies a review mark or override to a field, and when someone signs off on an override, field or message. To view the events:

  1. Hover the message in the Review sidebar; or
  2. Go to the File menu, click on Info, then click on History.

Track sign offs, overrides, review marks