Find and navigate individual slips

Updated: 2017-01-10

The screen capture below is for a T4 slip, but the same concepts apply to other slip types:

  1. Each slip appears separately in the Prepare sidebar. Slips appear in alphabetical order by recipient last name. By default, each slip shows the Last Name, First Name and Employee Number, or business name depending on the slip type. If there is no employee number, it displays the SIN instead. For business recipients, it shows the business name and number. Click on a slip to open it.
  2. Add the top of each slip, you will see the slips toolbar. The drop-down menu allows you to quickly move to a particular slip. The forward and back buttons allow you to move through all the slips in the return.
  3. You can search for a particular slip in the F4 Fast Find. Press F4 and then type the name of the recipient or other information, like a box number. For returns with a large number of slips, we recommend using F4 Fast Find to search by name or business name. Or, use the slips summary. 

How to find and open slips

Use the slips summary to navigate

In the slips modules (T4/T4A, T5, T5018 and NR4), use the Slips summary for easy navigation and review. This especially useful if you have a file with a large number of slips in it.

  1. At the top of the summary, you will see a count of the number of slips and outstanding warnings.
  2. Click the Add slip link to open a new slip.
  3. Double-click the first or last name of a recipient in the Slips summary (for example, T4Slips)  to jump straight to the slip. 
  4. Any slips with an asterisks are participants in the Reduced EI program.
  5. Add review marks to the Slips summary so that it doubles as a checklist to review data entry. 

T4 slip summary