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15 great new things coming to the TaxCycle Suite for 2016-17

At Trilogy Software, we love to hear what you think about our software. Aside from the government-required updates to forms, features and calculations, your suggestions and ideas drive the innovations in each release. 

With T1 season just around the corner and our early-bird pricing deadline just days away, we thought it would be a great time to let you know what's new this year compared to last. Some of these enhancements are already in place. A few are still to come, but the list below shows how committed we are to keeping your tax software features and technology at the leading edge.

1. Corporate linking and Smart Copy/Paste

One of the most-anticipated features this year, corporate linking, is now available in TaxCycle T2. If you don't want to link the files, Smart Copy/Paste is now available for the CGI worksheet in T2 as well.

And, we aren't stopping there. Income statements in T1 will soon get the same treatment. So, you'll be able to link T2125 forms between partners, or copy them. Watch for changes in an upcoming release.

CGI buttons under the Data menu

2. Client Manager enhancements

This summer brought much work on the Client Manager. Stability improvements came in October. November brought up to 50% faster Client Manager searching (see just how fast in this video), improved Excel exports, and a simplified Client Manager set-up (see the release news for more).

3. Optimization of T1 credits for married/common-law dependants

TaxCycle's optimizations take into account all the taxpayers in the file: principal taxpayer, spouse/partner, and any dependants. Dependants can also be married or common-law. For example, a couple who has an adult child and their partner sharing their home. 

To trigger optimizations in these situations:

  1. Create a T1 return for a principal taxpayer. This person can be married/common-law or not, it doesn't matter. Their return also does not need to be coupled.
  2. Add a full return for the first dependant. 
  3. Add a second full return for the dependant's spouse/partner.
  4. On the Info worksheet in each dependant return, set the marital status to either Married or Common-law.
  5. On the Info worksheet in each dependant return, complete the section about the Spouse. In particular, enter the SIN as it is used to connect the two dependant returns for optimization.

Learn more about creating family returns.

4. Template Editor snippets and usability improvements

Our late-December release will bring major updates to the Template Editor. You can look forward to an improved user interface, snippets for headers and footers, better stability and error-tolerance, French templates and many template updates.

Join us for a webinar to see the changes:

Time: Wednesday, December 14 at 2:00 P.M. MT

Register now

5. Excel® import to income statements

You may have seen a Beta version at a few of our seminars this fall. This change is coming in the new year. Export the field codes from an income statement to a spreadsheet and then map those codes to the spreadsheet you got from your client. Import back into TaxCycle. Preparing business statements just got that much easier.

6. Auto-fill my return (AFR) improvements

You've told us that our AFR process is already fast and easy-to-use. This season, we are working on improvements to deal with large numbers of individual slips (like T5008) with the statements your clients provide you. Look for more in the new year. 

7. Transmit family and transmit multiple types at once

In October, we added new features to help you transmit more returns, forms and requests for more taxpayers at the same time:

  • For any taxpayer, you can now transmit multiple types at one time, right from the Transmit sidebar. Learn how it works in the Transmit multiple types help topic.
  • For families, you can now transmit multiple types for all the people in the file. Go to the File menu and select Transmit Family. Learn how it works in the Transmit Family help topic.

Go to File menu then Transmit family to EFILE all returns at once

8. Improved Terminal Services support

We've improved the behaviour of TaxCycle and DoxCycle within Windows® Terminal Services (for example, when linking and posting). Also, both programs now auto-detect when they are running in Terminal Services and are optimized for a virtual environment. There's no longer a separate icon for Terminal Services. TaxCycle and DoxCycle handle it.

9. Electronic Notice of Assessment (Express NoA), ReFILE, and Pre-authorized Debit (PAD)

The CRA is adding a way for preparers to receive an electronic version of the clients' Notice of Assessment right within your tax software. TaxCycle will support this from the start. They are also planning electronic filing of T1 adjustments, called ReFILE. More details on both of these services will come in the new year.

You can already set up Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) requests for your clients if they have a balance owing. Read this help topic to find out more.

10. French language TaxCycle

Over the last few weeks, our localization team has been working on improvements to the French translation of TaxCycle. With each release, you will see more French in the interface, T1/TP1 and T2 modules. French templates in T1/TP1 will be available in the December/January time frame.

We are currently working on a French-language user guide in PDF format. It will be slightly smaller than the English guide, and will focus on key topics. Watch for an announcement.

11. Québec CO-17 is underway

We've been working on translating TaxCycle T2 and putting Québec CO-17 in place. The Revenu Québec certification process is underway, but we can't release until it is done. For a first certification, that can take a while. Stay tuned as we'll announce a projected release date as soon as we can.

12. DoxCycle support for T2 and T3

DoxCycle now supports creating PDF files for T2 corporation source documents. We are working on support for T3 source documents.

This means you can scan or import T2 and eventually T3 source documents into DoxCycle and then categorize them there. Based on the categories you assign, you can jump to the related forms. (Note that automatic recognition of T2 and T3 source documents is not included. The formats of source documents for these types of returns are too disparate to consistently identify.)

T2 start screen in DoxCycle

13. Automatic update enhancements

You can now control automatic updates in Options. You can control the update frequency to either check for updates every time the program starts (Rush, default setting), or set a Moderate frequency that times the updates a few days later and within the hours that TaxCycle technical support is available to answer your questions. Learn more in the Automatic update help topic.

In addition, you can now serve updates up from a location on your office network or a Web address. If you choose the Custom option and specify a folder, you download the auto-update files after we announce each release. The updates only occur once you place the files in this folder. This allows you to control when the updates are made available to your organization and keeps everyone on the same update path. Learn more on the page where you Download the auto-update files.  

14. Password protection and automatic file locking

T1 and T2 now support automatically locking files after all returns/forms are sent within the file. Read the online help topic to learn how to enable this option.

You can also set a password on any TaxCycle file to limit access to sensitive files. Read the help topic to learn more.

15. SlipSync to share slips with T1 returns

This one came out of our fall 2015 seminar tour, so you may already have heard about it. We have since discovered that some of you have not, so we're mentioning it here again. SlipSync allows you to share information from T3, T4, T4A and T5 slips with T1 returns. Prepare slips as you normally would in a slips module, then click the Publish button on the Data menu to publish them to SlipSync. This makes the data in these slips available to T1 returns. When you open a T1 return, it finds any matching slips so you can quickly import them. Learn more.

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Check out these threads on the online community to see this kind of discussion and reponse in action:

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