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8 ways TaxCycle and DoxCycle help junior and seasonal staff prepare accurate returns

To run a successful tax practice, your staff needs the right training and knowledge to prepare accurate and complete tax returns in an efficient manner. This is especially important when training junior or seasonal staff for the upcoming busy tax season. 

TaxCycle and DoxCycle contain many features to support your junior and seasonal staff in their work. Here are some of our favourites...

1. DoxCycle’s data extraction reduces data entry effort

Scanning slips into DoxCycle and extracting amounts for posting to TaxCycle saves your staff time by minimizing data entry. This also reduces the likelihood of typos. And the link between DoxCycle and TaxCycle ensures the amounts go into the correct fields in TaxCycle.

Video: How to extract data from t-slips using DoxCycle [1:43]

2. Use side-by-side windows for faster data entry and review

For other data entry tasks, staff can position DoxCycle and TaxCycle windows side-by-side on a large screen or multiple monitors, so the source slip is on one side and the TaxCycle form on the other. This makes it easy to read amounts for data entry. 

When you click on a source document in DoxCycle, the corresponding form opens in TaxCycle, so the windows stay synchronized. Coming this tax season, the reverse will also work; open the form in TaxCycle and the related source document opens in DoxCycle.

  Tip: Holding down the Shift key when you click on a form or link in TaxCycle, or when you press Enter form from F4 Fast Find, automatically opens the form in the second window or monitor.

3. F4 Fast Find and autocomplete helps staff find what they need

Keyword and line search in F4 Fast Find helps junior staff find the right form or line. For example, if a seasonal staff member doesn’t know what T2 schedule handles related corporations, he or she can start typing “related” in the search box and Schedule 9 pops up. 

Autocomplete on T2125 industry and T2 GIFI code fields works the same way. No sifting through lists of codes in numerical order to find the one you need.

Video: TaxCycle time saves: F4 Fast Find and Ctrl+Tab Fast Switch [2:27]

4. Automatic categorization helps staff get to know tax documents

DoxCycle’s automatic categorization of slips, statements and receipts helps staff learn which documents are income and benefits and which are deductions and expenses.

5. Form lists for common tax situations help staff start with the right forms

To make it easy to prepare returns for common T1 tax situations, the Prepare forms list (F7) on the left side of the window offers views of forms for specific tax situations, such as student-related forms, seniors' forms, business forms and non-resident forms. 

Your staff can select these views as a starting point for preparing a return. Then, if the taxpayer’s situation requires additional forms, slips or worksheets, they can still add them by pressing F4 and searching. 

6. Memos and review marks ease communication between junior and senior staff

Junior staff can add memos and review marks to fields where they have questions. This helps senior staff provide specific, useful feedback and is a real teaching opportunity. 

7. Comprehensive review messages help staff spot missing information and find tax savings opportunities

TaxCycle’s review messages help staff spot missing information and find tax savings opportunities. Junior staff quickly learn which items are available to claim. 

For example, in TaxCycle T1, if a non-capital loss exists on lines F to G of the T1A, TaxCycle suggests a carry back to prior tax years.

8. Manage staff workflow with file information and a complete history

Status selections help staff follow a standard workflow, from filing a T1013 or RC59, to ensuring they request a review from a senior preparer. 

TaxCycle's automatic detailed history of actions and time spent working on the file, helps all staff know who worked on the file if they have questions.

File info appears when you Save a file

See for yourself...

Like how this sounds? Download a free 15-day, fully-functional trial and let everyone try it out.

Or, sign your staff up for one of the TaxCycle Fall Seminars to get up to speed more quickly.


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