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DoxCycle version 6.0.30814.0—Customer and seminar feedback

This DoxCycle release addresses items reported to us during the TaxCycle Suite seminar tour and other recent customer feedback. 

Release contents

  • When you select and delete more than one page/document, DoxCycle no longer confirms the deletion of each page/document. You now only see one confirmation dialog box for all the pages/documents.
  • If you delete more than one page/document at the same time, and then select Undo (or Ctrl+Z), DoxCycle now undoes the deletion of all the pages/documents at once.
  • Drag and drop of files from the Edge browser into DoxCycle now works.
  • File history now shows.
  • The dates for memos and items posted to TaxCycle are now using the current date/time instead of showing as 0001/01/01.
  • Pages of a multi-page document are no longer reordering and the parent page no longer disappears when reopening a multi-page document. This occurred occasionally when you had an additional outline in the document.
  • When you use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, DoxCycle now behaves in the same way as in TaxCycle.

Upcoming releases

We are planning another DoxCycle release to coincide with the upcoming TaxCycle release in mid to late December.

How to get this update

This release is available as an automatic update, a full download from our website and a free trial

Who should install this release?

As this release fixes an issue, anyone who installed the prior version should install this one to keep their software working optimally.



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