News > DoxCycle version 7.0.33034.0—Customer-requested enhancements

DoxCycle version 7.0.33034.0—Customer-requested enhancements

This release of DoxCycle provides incremental enhancements based on customer feedback. This version is available as an automatic update, a full download from our website and a free trial.

Did you install version 7.0.33020.0?

Shortly after releasing version 7.0.33020.0 earlier today, an issue relating to existing options and using default new options came up. We have since corrected this. You can now download the update version 7.0.33034.0. Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Release highlights

  • Filter by question marks
  • Enable/disable adding to the custom classifier
  • Resolved—Saving SINs for additional taxpayers

Filter by question marks

A new entry on the Filter menu allows you to filter the document index to show only those forms with the Question mark annotation.

Question mark on the Filter menu

Enable/disable adding to the custom classifier

A new check box on the Folders page in options allows you to enable or disable adding documents to the classifier. By default, this option is disabled. Checking this box adds Add to classifier to the right-click menu in the index and a similar check box to the classification assistant. If you are interested in trying this beta feature, please read the Add documents to classifier help topic.

Classifier option

Resolved—Saving SINs for additional taxpayers

This release resolves an issue with retaining social insurance numbers (SINs) for additional taxpayers (spouse and dependants) when added through the Edit taxpayers dialog box or when creating a DoxCycle file from a TaxCycle T1 return. 


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