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Here we G-R-O-W again!


Front row L-R: Beni, Mitchell, Lynn, Annie, Cameron, Steven , Jocelyne, Christian, Aliysa, Stéphanie, Blair, Aaron
Back row L-R: John, Elizabeth, Rob, Dan, Allen, Colan, Andrew, Stephen — Absent: Tony, Marc, Carl 

We'll remember this year as one that brought many great additions — it all started when we outgrew our office space as we welcomed new members to the Trilogy TaxCycle team. The space we left behind was so small, some rooms had 4 people crammed in together! We were thrilled to move into our new 'pad' in June. Our bright and spacious facility allows each person to have their own breathing space and provides plenty of room to accommodate more staff as we continue to expand.

Speaking of which, we've hired four new people in the past 12 months. Back in September 2014, Tony came to us from Intuit. Many of you have spoken to Tony on the phone or received email replies from him as he's our front line technical support person. In the spring of 2015, we welcomed John as our Digital Marketing Specialist. He's been busy revamping our website to make it mobile-rific. John also runs marketing media campaigns and regularly publishes newsletters. Shortly after, Jocelyne was hired to localize our product for the French Canadian market. In addition, she writes blog posts, release notes and online documentation and verifies the accuracy of the user interface (UI) translations. Jocelyne has also been busy updating our User Guide! Our latest talent arrived in mid-August: Stéphanie is our Bilingual Tax Software Tester. She's applying her income tax and accounting background to identify, analyze and report issues within the software. As a CPA and CGA with 8 years under her belt working in a tax office, Stéphanie will undoubtedly put our product to the test to make it the best possible customer experience. And as of October 1st, Beni and Aliysa will join Tony and Christian in Technical Support to answer your questions on the phone or by email, as well as handle requests related to product ordering and purchasing.

As for the 'not so newcomers'... Marc, Rob, Dan, Carl, Colan, Andrew, Elizabeth, Allen, Steven, Annie, Blair, Christian and our visionary leader Cameron... you're looking at over 220 years of tax software creation, development and testing. With such a proven track record, you can be assured that we deliver a host of options for both the beginner and expert to get more out of tax software, today, tomorrow and in the future. Get to know us by reading Our Team page which outlines each person's accomplishments.

As you can see, we're a busy bunch of talented and passionate people with the same goal in mind: creating modern, time-saving tools for Canadian accountants and tax preparers. We know we have to work hard to earn your business. We invite you to share your thoughts and provide your feedback by email (info@taxcycle.com) or call us at 1-888-841-3040. Be a part of making TaxCycle and DoxCycle the number 1 choice for Canadian accountants.


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