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RESOLVED Known Issue: Expiring donations claimed in coupled returns

We have discovered an issue with claiming prior-year expiring donations in coupled returns.


We have been made aware of cases where TaxCycle occasionally does not use the expiring donations. This occurs for married or common-law coupled returns, in which one or both of the spouses has unused donations from 2012 that will expire if not claimed in 2017.

Resolution in 2017 T1

Due to the importance of donation calculations and the relative rarity of this situation, the calculations related to this issue were only adjusted after the 2017 T1 filing season. In version 7.1.33087.0 of TaxCycle , a warning was added to suggest you review the claim of donations expiring in 2017. The warning is triggered in coupled files that have unused donations carried forward into the 2012 column on the Donations worksheet.

Resolution in 2018 T1

As of version 7.2.33376.0 of TaxCycle, the carryforward of 2017 T1 returns to 2018 T1 returns recalculates the application of 2017 donations to ensure the expiring donations were applied first and any remaining donations are carried forward to the 2018 starting balance. We continue to recommend that you review expiring donations before filing.


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