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RESOLVED Known Issue: Minor typo in built-in T1 Client Letter (CLetter)

We have discovered a typo in the built-in 2017 T1 client letter (CLetter). It is minor, but it affects the paragraph related to the EFILE status of the return—a paragraph that your clients are more likely to read—so we wanted to provide a corrected template for you to use.


The last sentence of the following paragraph reads incorrectly:

Missing word in cletter  


If you are using the built-in client letter, do the following to install the template:

  1. Download the corrected copy of this template, here: T1TY2017.CLetter.taxcycletemplate
  2. Place the file in your templates folder. By default, it is located in this folder: C:\ProgramData\Trilogy\TaxCycle\Templates. (If you have changed the path to the templates folder, open the Template Editor and click the Templates Folder button to find the location. Learn more in the Templates files and folders help topic.)
  3. Restart TaxCycle.

If you have already customized the built-in client letter for 2017, simply correct the sentence in your customized copy.


This issue was resolved in version 7.2.33207.0.


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