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Preparers must have Level 2 authorization to ReFILE a return

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) just launched ReFILE. This new service lets representatives send adjustment requests for a client's return using EFILE-certified software. Preparers must have Level 2 authorization to ReFILE a return.

We will be offering this new service within TaxCycle. It will be available in a few weeks. Meanwhile, we wanted to inform you about the CRA authorization requirement for ReFILE.

ReFILE T1013Level 2 authorization required to ReFILE

Preparers must have Level 2 authorization to request a change to a client’s tax return by using the ReFILE service. You can request this authorization when you file a T1013 for your client.

(Note, this is a change from the originally-published requirement for ReFILE where the CRA were only going to require Part D on the T183 be completed in order to transmit a request through the ReFILE service.)

TaxCycle will remind you before you ReFILE

When you mark a return as amended, TaxCycle will remind you that Level 2 authorization is required to file the return.

Request Level 2 when you submit a T1013

When you file a T1013 through TaxCycle, you must choose an authorization level:

  • Level 1 gives the representative authorization to access certain information about the taxpayer.
  • Level 2 gives the representative authorization to access certain information about the taxpayer, and allows the representative to make changes to the account.

If you choose Level 2 when you file T1013 authorization requests now, you will be ready to ReFILE later. Read the T1013 form and electronic filing help topic to learn how to submit authorization requests from TaxCycle.



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