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TaxCycle version 6.0.30002.0—Customer requests

This TaxCycle release addresses customer requests we've received in the last few weeks. Our next major release will be in the fall, but we wanted to get these items to you sooner.

Release contents

  • Batch printing to Avery sheet labels is once again working when printing from the Client Manager.
  • T1 EFILE no longer attempts to transmit a duplicate field from Schedule 5 line 5106 in cases where the net income of the eligible dependant is high enough to put the federal eligible dependant amount to zero, but a claim is still calculated for provinces that have a higher eligible dependant amount (such as AB, SK, NT and NU). This change was applied to TaxCycle T1 from 2013 through 2016.
  • The Send Feedback button once again works.
  • Ctrl+Tab Fast Switch once again shows spouses and dependant forms.
  • TaxCycle once again correctly remembers which form tabs were open.
  • New review messages have been added to warn preparers that TP1 Québec calculations may be incomplete for cases where the taxpayer is bankrupt in the year, or where the taxpayer is a non-resident with self-employment income earned in Québec. These situations will be addressed in a future release.
  • TaxCycle no longer prevents EFILE for AgriStability forms with a Manitoba farmstead district. The list contained a comma that was preventing filing in some circumstances. We also added a review message to make sure you choose a district after carry forward.
  • In TaxCycle T2, the condition that marks the Schedule 20 as used has been changed. On non-resident returns, Part XIV tax payable (line 126) does not have to contain a value for the form to be considered used.
  • The carry forward from Taxprep T2 now reads capital dividend account (CDA) information from Schedule 89.

How to get this update

This release is available as an automatic update. It is also available as a full download from our website and a free trial

Who should install this release?

This release contains minor updates. Anyone who installed the prior version should also install this release to keep their software up-to-date.




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