News > TaxCycle version 6.0.30358.0—Auto-update and minor fixes

TaxCycle version 6.0.30358.0—Auto-update and minor fixes

This release provides the automatic update for the TaxCycle version 6.0.30339.0 which was previously only available by full download. It included Corporate linking, Smart Copy/Paste, transmit family and much more. To learn about those new features, see the Release notes for TaxCycle version 6.0.30339.0.

Release contents

  • As part of our ongoing carry forward work in DT Max®, the following forms have been included: YT432, T1284, ONBEN and MB479.
  • Amounts in a T4A slip box 28 and Relevé 1 Box O, Other income, that were associated with, and included in income through a T2125/TP-80 business statement, are no longer also included in line 164 of the TP1 jacket.
  • TP-128: other expenses from the co-owner now flow correctly from the T776 to TP-128.


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