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TaxCycle version 6.0.30579.0—2016 Forms and 2016 T5013 modules

This release adds 2016 modules for T5013 and TaxCycle Forms. It also adds carry forward of 2015 VisualTaxTM files into TaxCycle and a few other minor changes.

2016 T5013 module

Newly created T5013 module for the 2016 taxation year. Although the forms haven't yet been updated to the 2016 versions, you can carry forward information to get an early start on filing partnership financial returns.

2016 Forms module

  • Added T106 slips and summary
  • Finalized T1141, T1142 and supplementary forms (preview watermark removed)


VisualTaxTM carry forward

  • You can now carry forward 2015 VisualTaxTM files into TaxCycle.
  • The Client Manager now indexes 2015 files.

Client Manager batch label printing

  • Competitor files are no longer included in batch label printing in the Client Manager.
  • Batch label printing prints the labels in alphabetical order. This order is determined by how you display the list of client names. The labels are printed alphabetically based on either "Last, First" or "First Last."
  • Batch label printing now eliminates duplicates when there are multiple years of returns for a single client.

TaxCycle T1

  • MB479 optimizations now take into account the value of the federal spousal amount in determining which spouse should claim the credits, as well as the portion of the credits that relate to dependants which can only be claimed by the spouse with the highest income.

How to get this update

This release is available as an automatic update. It is also available as a full download from our website and a free trial

Who should install this release?

This release contains new modules for the 2016 year. We recommend anyone preparing T5013 returns or in need of the new forms in TaxCycle Forms install this update.


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