News > TaxCycle version 6.1.31252.0—Auto-update and minor fixes

TaxCycle version 6.1.31252.0—Auto-update and minor fixes

This release provides the automatic update for the TaxCycle version 6.0.31228.0 which was released on February 27th as a full download. It included the latest tax calculations, and certification for filing Québec TP1 returns. To learn about those new features, see the Release notes for TaxCycle version 6.1.31228.0.

Release content

  • Resolves the issue with the auto-update from the previous release.
  • Resolves the issue with sending in error reports from TaxCycle.
  • Fixes the carryforward of the RC360 from 2015 to 2016. This applies to all T1 software that we support.

How to get this update

This release is available by full download from our website and auto-update.

Who should install this release?

  • If you installed the version 6.1.31228.0 full-download-only release, you should install this update to get the latest fixes. 


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