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TaxCycle version 6.1.31490.0—Asset summary, right-click T1135 transfer to spouse, optional fixes

This optional update adds customer-requested enhancements and fixes that we would like you to try before the end of the season.

This version is available as an automatic update and as a full download from our website.

Who should install this release?

This release contains optional new features and fixes. If you want to try the new features before the end of the tax season, install this update. Otherwise, we will roll the changes into a mandatory update after the T1 filing season.

Release highlights

  • New—Asset summaries for T2125, T2042, and T2121
  • New—Right-click to copy or move row on T1135 to spouse
  • Additional columns in Excel® reports
  • More customer-requested enhancements and fixes

Asset summaries for T2125, T2042, and T2121

A new summary now appears to list all the assets related to an income statement. This summary is automatically created as part of the income statement form set when you add assets and CCA information on the Asset Manager. It appears for T2125, T2042 and T2121 income statements. For example, T2125AssetSummary:


Right-click to copy or move row on T1135 to spouse

A new option on the second page of the T1135 allows you to quickly move or copy a line to the spouse's form:

  1. Right click on a line.
  2. Select Copy current row to spouse to have the row appear on both forms.
  3. Select Move current row to spouse to transfer it to the other spouse's return.
Right-click on a T1135 row

Additional columns in Excel® reports

Two Client Manager exports to Excel® now include columns for the Transmission Date and Confirmation Number for each transmission type. These new columns appear in the Export to an Excel® Workbook or Export to a detailed Excel® Workbook reports. They are in addition to the Status column.

In order to include columns in the Excel report, you must select at least one Return type in the Filters. For example, if you select T1/TP1, you will now see "T1 EFILE Transmission Date" and "T1 EFILE Confirmation Number" columns:

New Excel columns

More customer-requested enhancements and fixes

  • Carryforward from TaxCycle T1—Inactive businesses with only undepreciated capital cost (UCC) in them now carry forward.
  • Cantax T1 carryforward—Shared custody question now carries forward.
  • Cantax T1 carryforward—Family Tax Cut information now carries forward.
  • T1—On the T183, the fields containing the name of the legal representative now jump back to the source field on the Info worksheet.
  • T1—When you enter 000000000 for children with CPP survivor benefits, it no longer triggers a review message. (In response to suggestion #82 in our online community.)
  • T1135—Dates no longer overlap when the resolution is set to greater than 100%.
  • T2—The CGI and S9 now display full tables when there are greater than 50 associated corporations.
  • Forms module—The transaction date now shows in the description of the T2057 form when you hover over the form tab.
  • Review sidebar—Fields with overrides now show in the Overrides view even when they are signed off, similar to memos and tapes. A new Unreviewed overrides view shows only those overrides that have not been signed off. (In response to suggestion #32 in our online community.)
  • Accessibility—The green colour for non-edit fields has been made darker to improve readability for the visually impaired.


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