News > TaxCycle version 6.1.31552.0—TaxCycle T2 is certified by Revenu Québec to file CO-17 corporate tax returns

TaxCycle version 6.1.31552.0—TaxCycle T2 is certified by Revenu Québec to file CO-17 corporate tax returns

TaxCycle T2 is now certified by Revenu Québec to file CO-17 corporate tax returns. CO-17 is included in your TaxCycle T2 license. This release also includes translation of TaxCycle T2 forms and templates into French.

This version is available as an automatic update only if you have the Rush, plus optional auto-update option set. We will make it available as Rush and Moderate auto-update starting Monday, May 8th. (See the Automatic updates help topic to learn how to change your settings.) This release is also available as trial or full download from our website.

Who should install this release?

This release contains certified filing version of CO-17 forms and calculations. If you wish to prepare corporate tax returns for the province of Québec, please install this version.

This automatic-update also includes the changes previously released as optional updates in version 6.1.31525.0 (ReFILE for 2015 tax year, T2054 changes, AFR tweaks) and version 6.1.31490.0 (Asset summary, right-click T1135 transfer to spouse, optional fixes).

Release highlights

  • CO-17 filing periods
  • CO-17 carry forward
  • How to activate CO-17 forms and calculations
  • CO-17 forms
  • Online filing a CO-17 return
  • Paper filing a CO-17 return
  • New drop-down in the Print/PDF sidebar for T2
  • New and updated help topics

CO-17 filing periods

This version supports filing CO-17 returns with tax years ending from January 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017.

For T2 and AT1 returns, you can continue to file tax returns with the earliest tax year start date of January 1, 2011 and the latest tax year end date of May 31, 2017.

CO-17 carry forward

You can now carry forward T2 files containing CO-17 returns from Taxprep® T2 and ProFile® T2. To learn more about carrying forward returns into TaxCycle, read the Carry forward returns help topic.

How to activate CO-17 forms, fields and calculations

To activate CO-17 forms and calcuations, select Québec as a jurisdiction in the Residency section on the Info worksheet. This opens up a section for CO-17 information on the Info worksheet, adds the CO-17 forms to the forms list, and triggers any CO-17-related review messages.

Check the Québec box on the Info worksheet

CO-17 forms

This release includes the following CO-17 forms:

  • CO17 Corporate income tax return / Déclaration de revenus des sociétés
  • CO17SP Information and income tax Return for non-profit corporations / Déclaration de revenus et de renseignements des sociétés sans but lucratif
  • CO17A1 (QC1) Net income for income tax purposes / Revenu net fiscal
  • CO17S2 (QC2) Charitable donations and other gifts / Dons de bienfaisance et autres dons
  • CO17S3 (QC3) Dividends received and taxable dividends paid / Dividendes reçus et dividendes imposables versés
  • CO17S4 (QC4) Corporation loss continuity and application / Continuité et application des pertes de la société
  • CO771R3 (QC5) Breakdown of business carried on in Québec and elsewhere / Répartition des affaires faites au Québec et ailleurs
  • CO17S232 (QC6) Summary of dispositions of capital property / État de l'aliénation d'immobilisations
  • CO130A (QC8) Capital cost allowance / Déduction pour amortissement
  • CO17S9 (QC9) Related and associated corporations / Sociétés Liées et Sociétés Associées
  • CO17S10 (QC11) Transactions with shareholders, officers, or employees / Transactions avec des actionnaires, des cadres ou des employés
  • CO17S11 (QC13) Continuity of reserves / Continuité des reserves
  • CO17S12 (QC14) Royalty payments or fees, or other similar payments / Paiements de redevances ou d'honoraires, ou autres paiements semblables
  • CO17S14 (QC19) Non-resident shareholder information / Renseignements sur les actionnaires non résidents
  • CO17S21 (QC21) Foreign tax credits / Crédit pour impôt étranger
  • CO77113 (QC23) Associated corporations’ agreement respecting the allocation of the business limit / Entente entre sociétés associées relative au plafond des affaires
  • CO17S36 (QC24) First-time filer after incorporation, amalgamation, or winding-up of a subsidiary into a parent / Sociétés nouvellement constituées, sociétés fusionnées ou sociétés mères qui liquident une filiale
  • CO17S10A (QC44) Non-arm’s length transactions / Transactions entre sociétés ayant un lien de dépendance  
  • CO17S50 (QC50) Shareholder information / Renseignements sur les actionnaires
  • CO771 Calculation of the income tax of a corporation / Calcul de l’impôt sur le revenu d’une société
  • CO1012 Application by a corporation to carry back a loss / Demande par une société d’un report rétrospectif de perte
  • CO1027VE Instalments made and balance paid by a corporation / Versements effectués et solde payé par une société
  • CO1136 Calculation of paid-up capital / Calcul du capital versé
  • CO1136CS Paid-up capital for purposes of calculating income tax of certain corporations / Capital versé devant servir au calcul de l’impôt de certaines sociétés
  • CO1136CSDetail List of investments for certain corporations / Liste des placements pour certaines sociétés
  • CO1136Detail List of investments / Liste des placements
  • CO1137A $1 million deduction / Déduction de 1 million de dollars
  • CO1137E Agreement respecting the $1 million deduction / Entente relative à la déduction de 1 million de dollars
  • CO10298336 Tax Credit for an On-the-Job Training Period / Crédit d’impôt pour stage en milieu de travail
  • CO102983313 Tax credit for the reporting of tips / Crédit d’impôt relatif à la déclaration des pourboires
  • MR69 Power of attorney, authorization to communicate information, or revocation / Autorisation relative à la communication de renseignements, procuration ou révocation
  • TP9971 Information return for tax-exempt entities / Déclaration de renseignements des entités exonérées d’impôt
  • CO1000TE Online filing of the corporation income tax return / Transmission par Internet de la déclaration de revenus d'une société

Online filing a CO-17 return

Attach notes to financial statementsTaxCycle is certified by Revenu Québec for online filing of the CO-17 return.

The CO-17 online filing process has one important addition when compared to the T2 Corporation Internet filing process. With each CO-17 transmission, Revenu Québec requires that you attach a PDF copy of the CO-17 return and supporting schedules, notes to the financial statements, and any other documents (such as elections, tax certificate for tax credit) to the transmission. The transmission process in TaxCycle includes steps to attach the notes to the financial statements and other documents. TaxCycle automatically includes a PDF of the CO-17 return upon transmission.

To learn more, read the CO-17 Online Filing help topic.

About online filing of the CO-17

This software allows the filing of the Corporation Income Tax Return (CO-17), the Information and Income Tax Return for Non-Profit Corporations (CO-17.SP) and related forms, including the Online Filing of the Corporation Income Tax Return by an Accredited Person form (CO-1000.TE). However, its use, as well as any omission or inaccuracy in the information provided, is the responsibility of the user.

Transmission par Internet de la CO-17

Ce logiciel permet la production de la Déclaration de revenus des sociétés (CO-17), de la Déclaration de revenus et de renseignements des sociétés sans but lucratif (CO-17.SP) et des formulaires connexes à celles-ci, y compris le formulaire Transmission par Internet de la déclaration de revenus d’une société (CO-1000.TE). Toutefois, son utilisation, de même que toute omission ou inexactitude dans les renseignements fournis, relève de l’utilisateur.

Paper filing a CO-17 return

If you choose not to online file a Québec CO-17 corporate tax return, you must print the barcode and keying summaries for the return on paper and mail them to Revenu Québec. 

To learn how to paper file CO-17 returns, read the CO-17 Paper Filing help topic.

T2 print drop-downNew drop-down in the Print/PDF sidebar for T2

TaxCycle T2 now includes a new drop-down menu at the top of the Print/PDF sidebar. This menu allows you to restrict the list of print sets by type or return.

  1. Choose CO-17 to see only the print sets related to CO-17. This includes the CO-17 Transmission print set with the forms you need to print when filing online.
  2. Choose CO-17 online filing attachments to see the forms that are attached when you file the CO-17 electronically. This includes the CO-17 P.J./Attach. 1 and CO-17 P.J./Attach. 2 print sets.

New and updated help topics


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