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TaxCycle version 7.0.32226.0—Magic folders to automatically structure your client files

This release adds new functionality for configuring folders for your client files, a quick way to populate the T1 planner worksheet with 2016 values, and other fixes and enhancements.

This version is available as an automatic update, as a full download from our website, an automatic update, and a free trial.

Who should install this release?

Everyone running TaxCycle should update to this release to get the latest new features and fixes.

Release highlights

  • New!—"Magic" client folder options
  • New!—Populate the T1Planner worksheet with 2016 values
  • VisualTaxTM T2 carry forward
  • AgriStability printing resolved
  • T2 Schedule 7 Part 6: resolved issue
  • Updated T7DR(A) template

New!—"Magic" client folder options

Instead of setting a folder for each module and year of tax returns, use variables to define a folder structure for all years and modules of your client tax return files. TaxCycle then uses this format as the location to save new files, to find prior-year returns when carrying forward, and to suggest folders monitored in the Client Manager.

This change co-incides with a re-design and re-organization of the Files and Folders section in options:

  • Default locations for client files now appear on the Client Folders page.
  • Locations for templates, data monitors and other settings now appear on the Common Folders page.
  • Other file-related settings—such as allowing password protection—appear on the File Settings page.

If you used TaxCycle last, your old folder settings will appear as Exceptions to the magic folder structure. Please read the Folder options help topic to learn how to set your own magic folders, and more about conversion from last year's options.

We're also running a webinar on Magic Folders to help you get set up with this new feature on Wednesday, October 4 at 11:00 a.m. MT.

New!—Populate the T1Planner worksheet with 2016 values

This release adds a link to populate the T1Planner worksheet with values from the 2016 return. This applies to the worksheet in the 2016 module. Click the Insert values into planner link in the blue bar at the top of the form to copy the values in the return into the worksheet. (You can also find this in the right-click menu.)

T1 planner populate link

VisualTaxTM T2 carry forward

This release includes the ability to carry forward VisualTaxTM T2 files into TaxCycle.

AgriStability printing resolved

Printing AgriStability forms in the T2 2016 and T3 2017 modules now works.

TaxCycle T2: resolved issue with Schedule 7 Part 6

This release fixes an issue with the SBD calculation in AS1. For an Alberta CCPC, the Small Business Deduction (SBD) was not calculating on line 031 in AS1 when federal Schedule 7 Part 6 was complete. The calculation of line 003 (Income from active business carried on in Canada) and line 031 (Alberta small business deduction) is now done correctly.

Updated T7DR(A) template

The built-in T7DR(A) template was updated in all years of T1 modules to make it easier to select and adjust the table columns.


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