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TaxCycle version 7.0.32407.0—Workflow groups and tasks

This release adds a great new feature to TaxCycle. A redesign of workflow tracking creates customizable groups and tasks to allow you to configure TaxCycle to match your practice workflow. You must re-index the Client Manager after installing this release.

This version is available as an automatic update, as a full download from our website, and a free trial

Who should install this release?

Please update to this release to use the new workflow groups and tasks. Please be aware that the workflow status saved in client files by this version of TaxCycle is not backwards compatible with prior versions of TaxCycle. If you work in an office where preparers share files, please take this into consideration.

Client Manager re-index required

To support searching, filtering and displaying of results related to the new workflow groups and tasks, the Client Manager database must be re-indexed. 

  • If you install this update at the end of the day, the Client Manager will re-index automatically overnight. TaxCycle does not need to be running as the Client Manager service runs in the background even when TaxCycle is closed. This re-index is part of what it does every night (so the computer must be powered on).
  • If you don't want to wait, you can manually re-index the database. To learn how, read the "Indexing and re-indexing" section in the Index and monitored folders help topic.

Release highlights

  • New!—Workflow groups and tasks
  • New!—Return status filter in the Client Manager

New!—Workflow groups and tasks

We've redesigned TaxCycle's return workflow tracking that you see when you save a file, or when you click on Info under the File menu. Learn more about workflow groups and tasks and related options in the Workflow groups and tasks help topic. Highlights include:

  • A revised list of tasks that better reflects the tasks preparers complete to process a client's return from start to finish. 
  • Tasks are grouped by stage of the preparation process. These groups are used to track the status of each taxpayer's return. (See "Return status filter in the Client Manager," below)
  • In Options, you can show, hide and reorder tasks and groups. Any groups with no tasks in them, or with only hidden tasks will not show in File information.
  • A group is considered complete when all required tasks within the group are complete. If there are no required tasks in a group, the group is considered complete when you complete at least one of the tasks.
  • In Options, you can set which tasks are required.
  • A new Waiting for client check box allows you to flag a return that is waiting for client input at any stage in the preparation process and search for returns with this flag in the Client Manager.
  • The Return Completion group contains tasks required to consider the entire return completed. This is used in the Client Manager and anywhere TaxCycle reports on return completion.
  • The layout of tasks and groups is more flexible for use on portrait or landscape screens, large or small, especially when viewing family returns.
  • If you change the built-in workflow and then share client files with other preparers, others will see the order, groups and tasks based on their own settings. To have the whole office use the same workflow options, share these settings across with others in an Options Profile. (See the Options Profiles help topic to learn how to share options.)

If you had previously customized the order and visibility of workflow items in Options, please note how these changes will affect your settings:

  • If you had previously changed the order of any items, they will be returned to the default order as of this release. You will want to review these options.
  • If you had changed the visibility of any items—using the Show check box in Options—the setting will be retained.
  • Any new workflow items added as of this release will have the Show check box checked in the options.
  • The workflow status saved in client files by this version of TaxCycle is not backwards compatible with prior versions of TaxCycle. If you attempt to open a file saved in this version with a prior version of TaxCycle, you risk losing the status for each group and any new tasks.

New workflow dialog box

New!—Return status filter in the Client Manager

In order to allow filtering using the new groups, we have added a new Return status section to the Custom filters for the Client Manager. Use these filters to display a list of returns where a group of tasks is in a particular phase of preparation.

For example, to find all returns that completed the review this week:

  1. Click on the Quick Searches sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to the Custom filters section
  3. Expand the Return status box.
  4. Select Review from the first drop-down menu.
  5. Select Complete from the second menu.
  6. In the completed field, choose This week.

To add another condition—for example, to exclude any returns where the Client Approval step has not yet been started:

  1. Select And from the first menu. 
  2. Select Client Approval from the Add another condition menu.
  3. Select Not started from the third menu.

Finally, if you want to see only those returns that are waiting for input from a client:

  1. Check the Waiting for client box. This box looks for the Waiting for client flag on a client's workflow. (You can also include a column in the search results that displays the number of days you have been waiting for client input. Read the Column layouts help topic to learn more about adding and removing columns.)

Return status filters


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