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TaxCycle version 7.0.32536.0—Enhancements to workflow, Client Manager and other customer feedback

This release addresses an important issue with a "recovered file" error. It also adds enhancements based on recent feedback about workflow groups and tasks, the Client Manager, Auto-fill my return (AFR), as well as an updated license agreement.

This version is available as an automatic update, as a full download from our website, and a free trial

Who should install this release?

Please update to this release to prevent the "recovered file" error that may result in losing file history. (And to try out the great list of new features below, of course!)

Release highlights

  • Resolved"Recovered File" error 
  • New!Add comments to taxpayer in workflow
  • Additions to Client Manager preview
  • Four new columns for Client Manager layouts
  • Information added to Client Manager Excel® exports
  • Client Manager keyboard shortcut options
  • Batch transmit enhancements
  • Auto-fill my return (AFR) enhancements
  • Updated TaxCycle license agreement (English only)
  • Other enhancements and fixes

Resolved—"Recovered File" error

We have received reports recently of a "Recovered File" error appearing when trying to open a TaxCycle file. When recovering the file, it deleted all the history for the file. This issue is resolved as of this release. 

New!—Add comments to clients in workflow

Following up on feedback on the new workflow groups and tasks released earlier this fall you can now add comments at the client level:

  1. Select the taxpayer to jump to their workflow box.
  2. In the top right of the box, click the comment link.
  3. Click in the box that appears and type your comment.

Workflow taxpayer comments

Additions to Client Manager preview

Two items have been added to the preview for a client in the Client Manager:

  1. The current Return status now matches what appears in the client's Workflow groups and tasks.
  2. You can now see how long the Waiting for client box has been checked.
  3. Any comments entered at the client level appear in the preview.
  4. Right-click on the comment to Copy the comment. (You cannot edit the comments directly in the Client Manager.)

New preview items

Four new columns for Client Manager layouts

This release adds new columns for the Client Manager column layouts. Add these to existing layouts or create a new layout. (See the Column layouts help topic to learn how to do this.)

  • Waiting
  • Waiting for
  • Return Status
  • Return workflow comments

New columns for layouts

Information added to Client Manager Excel® exports

The following information has been added to the Client Manager detailed and full exports:

  • Return status
  • Waiting for client
  • Number of days waiting for client
  • Workflow return comments

Client Manager keyboard shortcut options

This release adds the following new options for the Client Manager based on customer feedback:

  1. Require that the Enter key be pressed to start a search—Check this option to disable keystroke-by-keystroke searching in the Client Manager. You will then need to press Enter to begin the search. (This option is unchecked by default to preserve current functionality.)
  2. Allow F3 to open Client Manager when a file is open—We had reports of users finding that they accidentally press F3 and opened the Client Manager while working on a return. Clear this option to disable the F3 key when a return is open. (The option is checked by default to preserve current functionality.)

New keyboard shortcut options

Batch transmit enhancements 

This release improves the user experience when performing a batch transmit:

  1. The menu for transmission type is group by tax module. All years have been removed, simplifying the selection of a transmission type.
  2. You can now transmit multiple years of the same transmission type.

Select transmission type in batch transmit

Auto-fill my return (AFR) enhancements

The following changes have been made to the Auto-fill my return (AFR) process:

  • You can now export details of T3 or T5 slips to Excel® for further review. This is the same feature that was previously only available to T5008 slips. It aids in reconciling large numbers of downloaded slips with consolidated statements.
  • A new option allows you to default the import of T5008 slips on or off:
    Import T5008 slip options
  • Improvements were made to importing data into boxes that show as check boxes on downloaded slips. For example, boxes 28A, 28B and 28C on the T4 slip.
  • The recipient type code is now imported for T3 and T5 slips.
  • The check in the box to Import current values for blank slips now persists when you open and close the AFR dialog. This setting is saved at a user level.
  • The Slips summary now shows a row to indicate whether the data was downloaded from AFR:
    Slips summary AFR downloaded row

Updated TaxCycle license agreement (English only)

We have updated the TaxCycle license agreement. Please take the time to review and read it as you install your new software. You can also review a copy on our website here: TaxCycle License Agreement. (This currently only applies to the English version of the agreement. The updates will be translated into French and added in an upcoming release.)

Other changes and fixes

This release also adds the following changes and fixes:

  • Footer cut off when creating a PDF—We received reports of the Canada logo being cut off when generating a PDF of certain forms. This has been resolved.
  • Printing template to PDF—Templates printed to PDF will now open in Adobe Reader.
  • Farming question retained upon GIFI import—When importing GIFI to the S125 in TaxCycle T2, TaxCycle now retains the answer to the "Farming operation?" question. This was previously being cleared when importing. 
  • Return status added to Excel® exports—The new workflow Return status column has been added to Excel® exports from the Client Manager.
  • CRA retro print set deleted—If you customized it, it will remain in your list. If you don't use it, you can now remove it.
  • T1135 is removed from the T1 EFILE print set for 2017—This is unnecessary now that the T1135 is electronically filed.
  • Terms and conditions, or agreement page no longer automatically open—For transmission types that require you accept terms and conditions or acknowledge a declaration agreement before filing, the form containing those terms no longer automatically opens when it is time for you to respond in the Transmit sidebar. You can click the link in the Transmit sidebar to review the page at a any time. The wording of the acknowledgement text in the sidebar was also changed to start with "I have read and agree," to be sure
  • Recovery of options password—You can once again use your TaxCycle.com account to recover your options password set in TaxCycle.
  • Batch calculate in the Client Manager—The colour is now applied to the results if you include a colour in the condition. 
  • Indexing of VisualTax files in the Client Manager—Improvements were made to indexing of VisualTax™ files in the Client Manager. It is possible that some files were not previously being indexed and now will be.
  • DT Max® carry forward—TaxCycle will now carry forward files even when no client name is available.
  • Carry forward to the 5-year summary—Carry forward of data to the 5-year summary has been updated to include new fields for 2017. This applies to carry forwards from Cantax®, Taxprep®, ProFile®, and TaxCycle.
  • NetFile Québec—TaxCycle no longer displays an error upon attempting NetFile a TP1 return when the Next Transmission Number is not available. For example, if this option is normally shared on a network and TaxCycle is not currently able to access it.
  • Dollar signs in Client Manager Excel® exports—Excel® reports exported from the Client Manager no longer include leading dollar signs $, as Excel® may treat these values as a string and not a number.
  • Detach (uncoupling) taxpayer—Improvements to detaching a taxpayer to fix potential issues with files that have been detached.
  • Creating a T2125, T2042, T2121 Excel® template—When creating an Excel® template from TaxCycle T1, the description for the web page address field now appears correctly.
  • Template Editor—Searching for templates was improved to match any information in the template name, not just the start of the name. 
  • Medical date range for deceased spouse—When a spouse is deceased in the tax year and the return is coupled, the spouse side of the medical expense worksheet now provides the extra year designated in year of death, regardless of whether you enter the date of death on the taxpayer or spouse's return.


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