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TaxCycle version 7.1.33063.0—Your requests!

This release is all about responding to your recent requests. We love the feedback and want to turn around whatever is possible during this busy season. 

This version is available as an automatic update, full download from our website and a free trial. (To deploy auto-update files from your own network, see the Download auto-update files page.)

Release highlights

  • 2018 T1 planner updates
  • Enhancements requested in our online community
  • Simplify watermark printer option
  • Other fixes and enhancements

2018 T1 planner updates

The following changes have been made to the 2018 T1Planner worksheet in the 2017 TaxCycle T1:

  • The sixth tax threshold for British Columbia (taxable income over $150,000) is now triggering the provincial tax calculation. Previously, it was calculating zero provincial tax.
  • It is now possible to enter an additional amount in the Québec non-refundable tax credits column. This was done to support the new Québec home buyers’ amount announced in the provincial budget.

Enhancements requested in our online community

The TaxCycle online community is busy this time of year. If you haven't visited yet, it's a great place to ask questions of other preparers. We also look to the community for suggestions throughout the year. The following changes have come about because of discussions there:

  • T2—The T2 Summary now shows the phone number and email address of the authorized person when the Use firm box is checked on the Info worksheet. Thanks @mel for this suggestion.
  • T1—A new warning on the Donations worksheet reminds you to complete the Type for each donation entry. Thanks @hetterly for this suggestion.
  • T1—A new review message on the RRSP worksheet alerts you when the Type is missing for an  RRSP contributions. Thanks @rick.s for this suggestion.
  • T1—A new review message triggers when spouse's information is on the Info worksheet and the marital status is set to divorced, separated, widowed or single. The Quick Fix solution allows you to remove all information from the Spouse section in one click. If you wish to retain this information, sign off the review message. Thanks to both @teena and @TimParris for contributing to this suggestion.
    Spouse review message

Simplify watermark printer/output option

A new printer option allows you to simplify the watermarks that appear on certain forms like the T1013, T1 Condensed, T1135 and T7DRA. When you enable this option, the watermark is printed in full black—rather than greyscale—to optimize printer resources. This is especially helpful when printing them in large batches.

Simplify watermark print option

Other fixes and enhancements

  • This version fixes an issue where using a Quick Fix to delete a slip from the Slips summary occasionally caused TaxCycle to raise an exception.
  • A change has been made to TaxCycle T1 to prevent EFILE error 2169 when filing a multiple-jurisdiction return that calculates zero amounts due to spousal transfer on federal line 326, or the applicable provincial lines 5864. The CRA requires these lines be transmitted even when they are zero. They were being excluded from the transmission due to the zero amount, which triggered the EFILE error. TaxCycle now transmits $1 instead of zero in these fields, which the CRA then recognizes as a zero amount.
  • This release resolves the Known Issue: Quick Fix incorrectly applies prior-year net capital losses downloaded from Auto-fill my return to 2017. In addition, we have added a new data field at the bottom of the capital gains and losses table on the AFR worksheet, where you can enter losses incurred before 1985 that are applied in 1985 or later. This is then used to calculate the correct amount of losses remaining:   
    Pre-1985 field on AFR worksheet


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