News > TaxCycle version 7.1.33087.0—Final auto-update of the T1 season

TaxCycle version 7.1.33087.0—Final auto-update of the T1 season

This release is the last planned update to the T1/TP1 module for this tax season. Unless required, we will only be providing optional manual-download releases between now and the end of April. 

This version is available as an automatic update, full download from our website and a free trial. (To deploy auto-update files from your own network, see the Download auto-update files page.)

Release highlights

  • T1 changes
  • T1 planner worksheet for 2018
  • Customer-requested enhancements and fixes

T1 changes

The following areas were modified in this release:

  • T2203 to calculate the surtax and applicable percentages for the provincial 428 form in situations where the only business income was income earned outside Canada entered on the Foreign slip.
  • Calculations at line 312 (employment insurance premiums through employment) of bankruptcy returns, to support situations where employment income in any bankruptcy period was less than $2000, and to properly limit the EI premiums to the annual maximum.
  • A new warning was added for coupled files with expiring donations to remind you to review the amounts applied to the current tax year. This relates to a recent known issue.

T1 planner worksheet for 2018

The following changes have been made to the 2018 T1Planner worksheet in TaxCycle T1 2017:

  • PEI budget—Increase to the basic personal amount as well as the spouse or common-law partner amount, and the amount for an eligible dependant.
  • SK budget—Change to the dividend tax rate for other than eligible dividends.

Customer-requested enhancements and fixes

  • The ProFile T1 carryforward no longer brings in income statements that show only a business name or fiscal period. TaxCycle now checks for income, expenses or UCC before carrying forward.
  • Data related to the GST rebate on the GST370 once again carries forward.
  • Amounts in the "Taxable capital gain as reported" section on the T1ALossCB and TP1012ALossCB worksheets once again carry forward.
  • Hyperlinks in the T2 Auto-fill review messages now work. (Thanks @rick.s for the suggestion in the online community.)


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