News > TaxCycle version 7.2.33247.0—Patch for RC59 transmissions and favourites

TaxCycle version 7.2.33247.0—Patch for RC59 transmissions and favourites

This version patches the 7.2.33207.0 major update and the full-download-only 7.2.33220.0. 

It is available as an automatic update, full download from our website and a free trial. (To deploy auto-update files from your own network, see the Auto-update files page.)

Issues with auto-updating from versions 7.2.33207.0 or 7.2.33220.0?

If you experience any issues running an automatic update from either version 7.2.33207.0, or from 7.2.33220.0, please download the full setup program and install.

For the next TaxCycle release, you can once again use the automatic update process.

On May 18, we released a patch version 7.2.33220.0—as a full download, containing the following items:

  • A change to accept a new response format from the CRA for RC59 EFILE. Certain responses sent by the CRA were not matching the prescribed format, which caused some instances of RC59 transmissions from TaxCycle to appear to have failed when they indeed succeeded.
  • A fix to make links in the Favourites bar created before 7.2.33207.0 work again.
  • An update to support CRA changes to the Internet File Transfer (XML) web pages that was affecting TaxCycle's ability to automatically populate fields on those CRA web pages.
  • A fix to the carryforward from VisualTax T2.
  • A change to make the authorized person’s phone number flow to the RC59TransmissionConsent form.
  • A fix when an RC59 transmission is rejected with invalid telephoneNumber and cityAreaCode.
  • A fix to allow deletion of carryforward memos.
  • The addition of the T2054 form to the TaxCycle Forms module.
  • Updates to the Ontario tax calculations in the 2018 T3 module, and to the T1Planner worksheet in the T1 2017 module, to reflect the changes proposed in the Ontario Budget.

On May 22, we have released an automatic update. This required a version number change to 7.2.33247.0, and included the following additional changes:

  • On the RC59 OnlineConsent form, at the bottom certification section, and above the signing date field, the checkbox description was updated to say Insert date upon transmission.
  • The message about carryforward memos now refers to Conversion Memos. The Memos tab will also only show memos it will delete, those TaxCycle created upon conversion. Memos carried forward from other software because they were marked for carryforward will no appear when you click the Show conversion memos button in the bulletin and will no longer be removed when deleting conversion memos. 


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