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Tips for last minute T-slip filing with TaxCycle

The slips filing deadline is just around the corner. If you've just switched to TaxCycle for filing your slips, here are a few helpful topics and videos to get you going.

Webinar video recording: Prepare and file slips in TaxCycle

This webinar recording takes you through the end-to-end of preparing slips in TaxCycle. A great way to get started. Learn time-saving tips for preparing T4, T4A, T5 and T5018 t-slips and summaries in TaxCycle. 

Don't have time to watch the whole video?

Click the following links to jump straight to a topic:

  • Options to set before preparing slips returns (3:56)
  • Carry forward ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster or Taxprep® Forms (11:19)
  • Import slips from last year's XML or from Excel spreadsheet (16:07)
  • Set defaults for Info worksheet and slips (19:07)
  • Email to request missing slip information (29:18)
  • Use T4 adjustment options (30:09)
  • Produce T4 reduced EI slips (34.26)
  • File slips with Internet File Transfer (XML) (40:40)
  • Print slips, include PDF recipient copies (48:26)
  • Share slip data with T1 and T3 returns using SlipSync (51:17)

Prefer to read written instructions?

Rather have instructions open on screen, here are help topics to get you started:

There are more topics in our online documentation. Just search from the main Documentation page.


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