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Tips for last minute T4/T5 slip filing with TaxCycle

The slips filing deadline is days away. If you've just switched to TaxCycle for filing your slips, here are a few helpful topics and videos to get you going.

Webinar video recording: Slips filing in TaxCycle

This webinar video [54m48s] takes you through the end-to-end of preparing slips in TaxCycle. A great way to get started. Learn time-saving tips for preparing T4, T4A, T5 and T5018 t-slips and summaries in TaxCycle. 

Don't have time to watch the whole video?

Click the following links to jump straight to a topic:

  1. Setting up slips options for transmission and new file defaults
  2. Carry forward from prior-year returns
  3. Import XML filed with the CRA last year
  4. T4 Info worksheet
  5. Other information boxes for slips
  6. Import from Microsoft Excel
  7. Navigating between slip and creating new slips
  8. Data entry on T4 slips
  9. T4 adjustments for source deductions
  10. Preparing Reduced IE slips
  11. Slips Internet File Transfer (XML)
  12. Slips printing and PDF

Prefer to read written instructions?

Rather have instructions open on screen, here are help topics to get you started:

  1. Carry forward returns from prior-year
  2. Create slips from XML transmitted in the prior year
  3. Importing slips from Microsoft Excel
  4. Fields specific to T4 and T4A slips on the Info worksheet
  5. Set the default recipient type for T5 slips
  6. Reduced EI T4 slips
  7. T4 adjustment options
  8. Internet file transfer (XML)
  9. Printing slips (and PDF)

There are more topics in our online documentation. Just search from the main Documentation page.


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