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Ultimate Canadian Paperless Tax Office Videos (Steps 1 and 2)

Tax preparation in TaxCycle fits into 4 steps - Gather, Organize, Prepare and Respond. Here are some short videos that demonstrate the first two steps in action.

Step 1—Prepare

The Gather phase helps you easily assemble the different pieces of data required to prepare a tax return. This includes prior year information, paper slips and receipts, PDF documents, email attachments, CRA's Auto-fill my return data and information from other TaxCycle tax returns.


Step 2—Organize

There are really two levels to the Organize phase: managing the workload for all your clients, and organizing the little details for each one. The Client Manager database is the heart of your practice. It organizes all of your clients and files into one place, making it easy to find a return when you need it. The Client Manager also keeps track of your old software vendor files so you don't have to.



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