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Founded in January 2010, Calgary-based Trilogy Software Inc. creates tax software for accountants and tax professionals. 

Trilogy launched DoxCycle source document management software in the fall of 2011 and TaxCycle T1 professional tax preparation software for personal tax returns in the 2012-13 filing season. T2 corporate tax and T4/T4A, T5 and T5018 t-slips returns came for the 2013-14 filing season. For 2014-15, the line-up expanded to include T3 trust returns, T3010 charity returns and T5013 partnership returns. Most recently, TaxCycle TP1, NR4 and Forms modules were added to the TaxCycle Suite.

Backed by software support you can count on, our support requests are answered in Canada by the tax analysts and developers who build TaxCycle. From EFILE-First workflow to 100% guaranteed tax calculations like the “no-click” split pension optimization, you’ll discover hundreds of delightful innovations.

The Trilogy Team has well over 220 years of combined experience serving Canadian tax and accounting professionals.

Message from the CEO

Cameron Peters, Founder and CEO of Trilogy Software

What is "Paperless Tax Workflow?"

Five years ago, when we set out to re-imagine what modern technology could do for Canadian tax preparers, we looked at the end-to-end work of a tax office.

“Paperless Tax Workflow“ is only part of the story. What we focus on is “Workflow Automation.“ Reducing paper printing, handling and management is just one of many benefits of this automation. Others include reducing the time you spend organizing slips before preparing returns, improving your communication with clients and government agencies, and helping you handle heavy workloads in the heat of tax season.

We've welcomed thousands of tax preparers from across Canada who’ve chosen to use our software! Thank you for your support.

Benefits of using TaxCycle and DoxCycle

In our 2016 annual user survey, we asked tax offices to evaluate their experience using TaxCycle and DoxCycle as their tax office solution vs. their old software. This is what they told us (thx!):

  • 23% decrease in paper usage by adopting the "paperless tax office"
  • 42% increase in office employee satisfaction
  • 20% more accurate tax return preparation
  • 21% less time per tax return

We hope to earn your business this year, as well.

Why TaxCycle?

Our commitment to Canadian tax professionals is unequalled. As you think about your tax software choice for the coming tax season, consider:

  • We have a full suite of professional tax software available for firms of all sizes
  • Our software is made in Canada for Canadian accountants and tax professionals
  • We make software only for professional tax preparers, not individual taxpayers.
  • Your support requests are answered in Canada by the people who build the software.
  • Preparers are our partners in creating great software; your feedback drives our innovation.
  • We offer fair prices and payment options, and our licensing is based on "per person" vs "per computer" giving you the freedom to work where, when and how you want.
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 100% T1 Tax Accuracy Guarantee give you peace-of-mind.

You may remember me as the architect behind the original Cantax® Software in the late '80s, as the co-founder of Greenpoint Software and ProFile® in the '90s, and as the CTO of Intuit Canada & U.K. in the 2000s. I've been joined by a great team of people with their own storied careers in the industry. I invite you to join us in the conversation online at community.taxcycle.com.

We hope you'll find TaxCycle's modern design, innovative features and familiar operation a breath of fresh air as you move to TaxCycle from your old software package.

Time to start your paperless tax office? Download your trial now and let me know what you think!

Yours truly,
Cameron Peters


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