Québec TP1


Québec Personal Tax Return Preparation

Prepare Québec TP1 returns alongside T1 returns, packed with specific tools for serving your Québec clients. Enjoy the same great TaxCycle T1 features with seamless integration between federal and provincial returns. 

Includes unlimited electronic filing of TP1 returns via NetFile Québec.

Calculations and forms for Québec TP1 personal tax returns are included in the Complete Paperless Tax Suite. For any other bundle or TaxCycle T1 purchase, you can add them as a site license.

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Find out for yourself why thousands of tax preparers have already switched. Get up and running in just 10 minutes with your free trial of the TaxCycle Suite. Seamlessly carry forward returns from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep® and ProFile® software.


Switch between federal and provincial

Press Ctrl+F6 or the Province button in the Home menu to toggle between equivalent provincial Québec and federal schedule, letters and worksheets.

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Dynamic TP1 forms and sections

Change the province of residence to Québec on the Info worksheet to trigger Québec calculations, forms, sections, and fields throughout the tax return file.

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NetFile TP1 returns
at the same time

Save time when filing by transmitting multiple returns and forms for one taxpayer at the same time—including T1 and TP1 returns.

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Fast Find (F4) TP1 forms even faster

Easily find Québec forms in F4 Fast Find by omitting all the hyphens and periods. For example, type "TP10298622" to search for the TP-1029.8.66.2. Partial searches work as well "10298" would also find the same form.

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Fully bilingual

From government forms, to worksheets, tax summaries and client letters, TaxCycle T1/TP1 is fully bilingual. Prepare in English and print in French, or vice-versa to serve your clients in the language they speak.

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Switch languages
on the fly

TaxCycle automatically loads in the same language you use in Windows®. Switch between display languages for forms without re-opening the software. Drag a form in one language to a new window to compare with the other.

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Québec-specific snippets in letters

The client letters contain content that only displays for Québec TP1 returns. Snippets on the NetFile status and balance/refund allow you to customize what you say to your TP1 clients.

Multiple-windows for easy data entry

Drag the slip to a new window and scroll down the Québec Relevé. Then, re-open the form in the main window to work on the federal slip. Watch one form while you make changes to another.

Review amounts without jumping

Combined worksheets—such as for support payments, dependants, and optimizations—show both the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec amounts for easy comparison.

Forms and features

Number of returns Unlimited
Québec TP1 returns 2014 onward
TaxCycle TP1 returns Yes
ProFile® TP1 returns Yes
Taxprep® TP1 returns Yes
DT Max® TP1 returns Yes
Québec NetFile (unlimited) Yes
TPForest (Schedule E worksheet) Yes
TPGSUM Schedule G summary capital gains and losses Yes
TPDonations Yes
TPIncome Yes
TPDeductions Yes
TPCredits Yes
TPArtists Yes
TPInv Investment income Yes
TPHealth (Line 448 of TP1 Jacket) Yes
TP1012ALossCB Loss carryback worksheet Yes
Solidarity tax credit estimate worksheet  Yes
TP1 Income tax return Yes
TPF-1.U-V Income tax return data Yes
TPF-1.W-V Keying summary for the income tax return Yes
TPF-1.X-V Keying summary for the schedules and form TP-1029.TM-V Yes
TPF-1.Y-V  Keying summary for form TP-128-V, form TP-80-V and form TP-80.1-V Yes
TPF-1.Z-V Keying summary for form TP-1029.LR-V Yes
Schedule A Amount for dependants and amount transferred by a child pursuing studies Yes
Schedule B Tax relief measures Yes
Schedule C Tax credit for childcare expenses Yes
Schedule D Solidarity tax credit Yes
Schedule E Tax adjustments and credits Yes
Schedule F Contribution to the health services fund Yes
Schedule G Capital gains and losses Yes
Schedule H Tax credit for caregivers Yes
Schedule I Additional subsidized childcare contribution  Yes
Schedule J Tax credit for home-support services for seniors Yes
Schedule K Premium payable under the Québec prescription drug insurance plan Yes 
Schedule L Business income Yes 
Schedule M Interest paid on a student loan Yes 
Schedule N Adjustment of investment expenses Yes 
Schedule O Tax credit for respite of caregivers Yes 
Schedule P Tax credits respecting the work premium Yes 
Schedule Q Retirement income transferred to your spouse Yes 
Schedule R Québec parental insurance plan (QPIP) premium Yes 
Schedule S Amount transferred by a child 18 or over enrolled in post-secondary studies Yes 
Schedule T Tax credit for tuition or examination fees  Yes 
Schedule V Tax credits for donations and gifts Yes
RL-1 Slip Employment and other income Yes
RL-2 Slip Retirement and annuity income Yes
RL-3 Slip Investment income Yes
RL-5 Slip Benefits and indemnities Yes
RL-6 Slip Québec parental insurance plan Yes
RL-7 Slip Investments in an investment plan Yes
RL-8 Slip Amount for post-secondary studies Yes
RL-10 Slip Tax credit for a labour-sponsored fund Yes
RL-11 Slip Flow-through shares Yes
RL-15 Slip Amounts allocated to the members of a partnership Yes
RL-16 Slip Trust income Yes
RL-17 Slip Remuneration for employment outside Canada Yes
RL-18 Slip Securities transactions Yes
RL-19 Slip Advance payments of tax credits Yes
RL-22 Slip Employment income related to multi-employer insurance plans Yes
RL-23 Slip Recognition of volunteer respite services Yes
RL-24 Slip Childcare expenses Yes
RL-25 Slip Income from a profit-sharing plan Yes
RL-26 Slip Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins Yes
RL-30 Slip Subsidized educational childcare  Yes
TP-80-V Business or professional income and expenses Yes
TP-80.1-V Calculation of business or professional income, adjusted to December 31 Yes
TP-128-V Income and expenses respecting the rental of immovable property Yes
TPFarming Québec statement of farming activities Yes
TPFishing Québec statement of fishing activities Yes
TP-1086.R.23.12-V Costs incurred for work on an immovable Yes
TP-59-V Employment expenses of salaried employees and employees who earn commissions Yes
TP-64.3-V General employment conditions Yes
TP-66-V Employment expenses of transport employees Yes
TP-75.2-V Employment expenses of salaried tradespeople Yes
TP-76-V Residence deduction for a member of the clergy or a religious order Yes
TP-78-V Employment expenses of forestry workers Yes
TP-78.4.V Employment expenses of salaried musicians Yes
TP-232.1-V Business investment loss Yes
TP-348-V Moving expenses Yes
TP-350.1-V Calculation of the deduction for residents of designated remote areas Yes
TP-358.0.1-V Disability supports deduction Coming soon
TP-726.6-V Cumulative net investment loss Yes
TP-726.7-V Capital gains deduction on qualified property Yes
TP-726.20.2-V Capital gains deduction on resource property Coming soon
TP-729-V Carry-forward of net capital losses Yes
TP-752.0.13.1-V Expenses for Medical Services Not Available in Your Area Coming soon
TP-931.1-V Amounts from a spousal RRSP or RRIF Yes
TP-935.3-V Repayment of RRSP funds withdrawn under the home buyers’ plan or the lifelong learning plan Yes
TP-965.39.4-V Calculation of the CIP deduction Yes
 TP-965.55.R-V Recovery of deductions for a stock savings plan II (SSP II) Yes
TPIncomeTax Yes
LE-35-V QPP Contribution on income from self-employment Yes
LM-53-V Insurable earnings under the QPIP and pensionable earnings under the QPP of a person responsible for a family-type resource or an intermediate resource Yes
VD-358-V Québec sales tax rebate for employees and partners Yes
TP-22-V Income tax payable by an individual who carries on a business in Canada, outside Québec Yes
TP-25-V Income tax payable by an individual resident in Canada, outside Québec, who carries on a business in Québec Yes
TP-772-V Foreign tax credit Yes
TP-776.42-V Alternative minimum tax Yes
TP-1029.8.33.6-V Tax credit for an on-the-job training period Yes
TP-1029.8.61.64-V Tax credit for caregivers Yes
TP-1029.8.63-V Tax Credit for adoption expenses Yes
TP-1029.8.66.2-V Tax credit for the treatment of infertility Yes
TP-1029.9-V Tax Credit for taxi drivers or taxi owners Yes
TP-1029.LR-V LogiRénov home renovation tax credit  Yes
TP-1129.64-V Special tax relating to a registered education savings plan Yes 
TP-1129.RI-V Special tax on an excess amount under a profit-sharing plan Yes 
TPZ-1029.MD-5-V Information return tax credit for home-support services for seniors Yes 
TP-1029.TM-V Grant for seniors to offset a municipal tax increase Yes
TP-1026 Calculation of instalment payments to be made by individuals  Yes
LM-3-V Request for direct deposit Yes
MR-69-V Power of attorney, authorization to communicate information, or revocation Yes
TP-1026.0.1.P-V Remittance slip Yes
TP-1000-V Online filing of the personal income tax return by an accredited person Yes
TP-1008-V Consent to have revenu Québec provide notices online only Yes
TP-1012.A-V Carry-back of a loss Yes
TP1ShortSummary Yes
Relevé Summary Yes