TaxCycle T4/T4A, T5, T5018, NR4

T4/T4A, T5, T5018, NR4 Summaries and Slips 

TaxCycle 100% Tax Guarantee professional tax preparationTaxCycle slips modules provide the capability to issue T-slips to recipients and file the related issuer summaries with the CRA. Currently, TaxCycle offers slips modules for the T4/T4A, T5, T5018 and NR4.

Each module includes all worksheets, summaries, returns and unlimited slips, required for internet and print filing.

Separate slip modules offer flexibility and focus

You don't need to buy a big library of unrelated forms, so we sell each slip type as a separate module: T4/T4A, T5, T5018 and NR4. 

Smaller practices can buy what they need. Larger firms can configure separate options and file locations depending on slip or return type.

Each package focuses on efficient and accurate electronic processing of its particular return or slip type, so you can quickly and easily internet file with the CRA.

Don't worry though, a separate module doesn't mean you have to install a separate program. All of TaxCycle's modules appear in a single interface.

Comprehensive carry forward

Carry forward from your old tax software, including: ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster, and Taxprep® Forms.

EFILE-first workflow

Like TaxCycle T1 and TaxCycle T2, our EFILE-first workflow in our slip modules speeds preparation, increases accuracy and streamlines government electronic submission. 

This includes direct filing with government websites vs. manually uploading slip data files exported by your tax software. TaxCycle maintains a full history as a record of all slip transmissions and communications to CRA.

Reliable support from tax analysts and developers

Your support requests are answered in Canada by the tax analysts and developers who build our software. This means timely updates and enhancements you recognize.

TaxCycle has really changed how things go around here! I am even managing to get sleep!!! Better yet, I was able to take time to run the 10K Sun Run in Vancouver this past April.

Mark Gershon, Gershon & Co.
Accounting and Tax Ltd.

Switch to TaxCycle today

Find out for yourself why thousands of tax preparers have already switched. Get up and running in just 10 minutes with your free trial of the TaxCycle Suite. Seamlessly carry forward returns from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep®, VisualTax and ProFile® software.

Individual modules mean individual options

Since T4/T4A, NR4, T5, and T5018 are individual slip packages, they all come with options that can be defined and managed independently as required by your office.

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Client Manager gathers corporate client files

Create and manage all the files related to your business clients' T2, T4/T4A, RL1/RL2, NR4, T5 and T5018 returns and slips; all from a single TaxCycle user interface.

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Proactive review features ensure accuracy

Comprehensive review messages make finalizing slips and returns fast and easy. Quick Fix helps you resolve issues without jumping all over the place.

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EI calculations in a single file

TaxCycle T4 handles both normal and reduced EI calculations in a single file. You can stop creating two files. Finally!

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What you see is what you get

The data entry fields for TaxCycle slips and the actual slip are shown on the same page, so you always know what gets printed.

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T5 defaults speed slip creation

Select the default recipient type, city and province for all slips on the Info page. TaxCycle uses these for all T5 slips in the file. 

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