Scanning and importing documents

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Import source documents into DoxCycle

Published: Dec 29/14

DoxCycle can import slips from files that clients you send by email or give you on a CD or USB drive. These files can be PDFs, photos your clients take of receipts or slips, or images they scanned themselves into PDF, BMP and other image formats.

Drag and drop to import

The easiest way to import documents is to drag and drop them into the DoxCycle window. 

  1. If you already have a folder open on your screen, simply place it side-by-side with DoxCycle can drag the files onto the open DoxCycle PDF. 
  2. DoxCycle will import each file, figure out which taxpayer it belongs to, what document type it is and extract amounts for posting into TaxCycle.
  3. If you drag the document onto the document index, and pause on a category, you can specify the type.

If it can't figure out what kind of document it is or who it belongs to, DoxCycle will bring up the classification assistant.

At this point (or anytime in the future), you can add more documents to the client file, either by scanning or importing. 


You don't need to wait for DoxCycle to finish importing all the slips to start working. It will continue in the background as you work.

Selecting document type or taxpayer before importing

If you have a stack of documents of the same type or for the same taxpayer, you can save time later by selecting the document type and taxpayer before importing.

This is particularly useful for documents that don't include the taxpayer name or that are non-standard in format, like medical expenses or other receipts.

  1. Choose the taxpayer from the Home menu. (Auto means that DoxCycle will try to determine whose document it is.)
  2. Click the Import button and select the document type from the import drop-down menu.
  3. Browse for the file(s) on your computer.
  4. Click on one or more documents. Hold down the Ctrl key when you click to select more than one document.
  5. Click the Open button start the import.

Drag and drop from email

If your clients often send you slips and other supporting documents by email, you can quickly import these files into DoxCycle without ever saving the attachments to your computer. 

  1. Open your email program and place it side-by-side with DoxCycle to make it easy to drag and drop files. 
  2. Find the email with the attached source documents and drag it into the DoxCycle window. 
  3. DoxCycle will import all the files attached to the email.

Drag and drop your emails with attachments into DoxCycle