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Auto-save and recovered files

Published: Oct 5/15

TaxCycle auto-saves your changes in an open file every 60 seconds.

Recovered files

The auto-save process helps with the recovery of files if TaxCycle quits unexpectedly. The next time you open TaxCycle, you'll see a list of any recovered files:

  1. Click on the Recent tab to display the list of recovered files.
    Each recovered file shows the last full (original) save date and the date of the auto-save file.
  2. Click on the taxpayer name to open the last auto-saved file.
  3. Click on the Save icon to save a copy of the file.
    TaxCycle automatically suggests a new file name with "recovered" in the name to avoid accidentally overwriting the original file.
  4. To discard the recovered file, click the Delete icon (X).
  5. If you already have a file open, you will find the recovered file list on the Recent tab.

Recovery after automatic reboot

In cases where TaxCycle automatically reboots — when Windows installs updates — TaxCycle automatically restarts and re-opens any files that were previously open. (This only applies to Windows 7 and newer.)