Carry forward returns from ProFile®, Cantax®, Taxprep®, VisualTax™ and TaxCycle

Published: October 17, 2016

TaxCycle includes the ability to carry forward from other software vendor files, one file at a time or as a batch of files (see Batch carry forward). You can also carry forward a tax return and create the DoxCycle PDF in one step (see Carry forward and link).

Carry forward conversions

We provide carry forward conversions from these software vendors for the following forms and years.

All carry forwards from 2015 to 2016 are currently under review.


T1 returns from 2011-15
TP1 returns from 2013-15
T2 returns from 2010-16
T3 returns from 2013-15
T3010 from 2013-15
T4, T4A, T5, T5018 from 2012-15
NR4 from 2014-15
T5013 from 2013-15
TurboTax® Business Incorporated 2013-16


T1 returns from 2013-15
TP1 returns from 2015
T2 returns from 2010-16*
T3 returns from 2014-15
T3010 from 2013-14
T4, T4A, T5, T5018 from 2013-14
NR4 from 2014
T5013 from 2014


T1 returns from 2011-15
T2 returns from 2010-16
T3 returns from 2013-14
T3010 from 2013-14
T4, T4A, T5, T5018 from 2013-14
NR4 from 2014
T5013 from 2014

DT Max®

T1 returns from 2015
(currently in preview with limitations)*
See instructions


T1 returns from 2013-2015
T2 returns from 2010-2016*

*Known limitations

DT Max® T1
This carry forward is in preview state. It contains limited forms. See the current list in the Carry forward DT Max® online help topic.

VisualTax™ T2
Limited to the following forms: Info, GIFI (S100, S125, S140), S1 (Prior year amounts column), S2, S4, S8, S10, S50, S53, S54, Instalment worksheet, 5-year comparative summary

Taxprep® T2
Limited to the following forms: Info, GIFI (S100, S125, S140), S1 (prior-year amounts column), S2, S2WS, S3, S4, S4WS, S8, S8Reconciliation, S10, S10WS, CDA worksheet, S50 (all but S50 percentage columns), 5-year comparative summary

You can also import taxpayer contact information from a VisualTax® database file and TaxCycle will create new returns from this data. Learn how...

The purple swoosh

Purple swoosh means carry forward in TaxCycleClick the purple swoosh to carry forward prior-year tax returns from TaxCycle or your old software. After, forms with carry forward information will have a purple swoosh icon and the values that were carried forward appear in purple text.


How to carry forward individual returns

Carry forward a return in TaxCycle

To carry forward any type of return from any year:

  1. Click Carry Forward.
  2. Browse to where you saved the prior-year tax return.
  3. Select the file(s) you want to carry forward.
  4. Click the Open button to create a TaxCycle return for the next year.

If you already know what type of tax return you want to carry forward:

  1. Click on a tax module.
  2. Click on Carry forward for the year of return you want to create. 
  3. Use Carry forward and Link to create linked TaxCycle and DoxCycle files in a single step.
  4. Use Carry forward and Plan to create a planning file and populate it with data (more than just carry forward amounts) from the prior year return.

If you're carrying forward from TaxCycle to TaxCycle, it's easy to refresh a carry forward from the prior year. Learn how...

The DT Max® to TaxCycle carry forward is a little different than the standard TaxCycle carry forward. Please read the full online help topic on Carry forward from DT Max®.

Batch carry forward

See Batch carry forward to learn how to carry forward a group of files using the Client Manager.

Family returns

TaxCycle will carry forward family returns from Cantax® T1 and Taxprep® T1. Carry forward returns the same way you always do in TaxCycle (learn more about family returns). This creates a single TaxCycle file with the taxpayer/spouse and dependants.

When you carry forward family linked returns from ProFile® T1, carry forward the taxpayer/spouse file and then each dependant file. This creates a new file for the taxpayer and spouse, and then also separate files for each of the dependants. You must then add these dependant files to the taxpayer/spouse return to create a family return (see the help topic on Family returns). 

Carry forward from ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster
and Taxprep® Forms

Carry forward ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster and Taxprep® Forms files in the same way you carry forward any other file into TaxCycle.

If there is only one type of slip in these files, TaxCycle will create a TaxCycle return for that slip. For example, if the ProFile® FX file contains only T4 slips, TaxCycle will create a TaxCycle T4/T4A file with the carry forward information.

However, if there is more than one type of slip in the file, TaxCycle will ask you which slip type you would like to carry forward. Here's how it works:

  1. Click File and then on Carry forward in the column on the left.
  2. Browse to the folder where you saved last year's file.
  3. Select the file and click the Open button.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, check off the slip types you wish to carry forward.
  5. Click Carry forward button to create each separate TaxCycle slips file. 

TaxCycle opens each of these files in separate windows so you can begin working on them.

Memo carry forward and drag-and-drop

If you carry forward memos from ProFile® software into TaxCycle, the memos will be associated with the original form, with to a specific field on that form.

After carrying forward, you can drag and drop these memos onto fields if you wish:

  1. Drag and drop memos from the Review message list to a new fieldTo view all forms with associated memos, select the Memos view in the Prepare (F7) forms list.
  2. Click the M icon to the right of the form name to open the form and jump to the Review list with the Memos on current form view selected.
  3. From the Review (F9) message list, drag the memo to the field you want.

This also works if you want to drag the memo to a different form. Open the form you want, click on the memo and hold down your mouse button. While holding the button, move your cursor to a field on the form and then let go. 

To learn more about adding and editing memos, read our new help topic.