Meet Our Team

Trilogy Software Team. Calgary, Alberta. September 2019.

Cameron Peters

Cameron PetersCEO and Founder

Cameron has been creating software for the Canadian tax and accounting communities since 1985. Having started his first company, 'Cameron Peters Software Company' in high school, and subsequently programming his first tax software package (Cantax®), Cameron's career embarked on a successful string of companies and innovative products. He co-founded GreenPoint Software in 1995, and as CEO and chief architect, developed the ProFile® Professional Tax Software Suite that became part of Intuit Canada in 2000. After leading the Professional Tax Business at Intuit Canada for a few years, he became the Director, Consumer Tax in Intuit U.K. launching his third tax software architecture. In 2005, he returned to Canada as the CTO of Intuit Canada & U.K., leading over 250 development and support staff and helping take the QuickBooks® product from 41% to 60% retail market share. Since leaving Intuit, Cameron has been slowly but surely working towards defining the future of accounting tax services; Trilogy is the culmination of his efforts thus far.


Alexandra PetroloOperations Co-op

Aliysa Prisco

Aliysa PriscoIT Support Specialist

After graduating from SUNY Farmingdale with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming and Information Systems, Aliysa moved from Long Island, NY to Calgary in 2015. Prior to this, she spent 2½ years working at a RadioShack store in the U.S. helping customers with their phones and computers. As a Technical Support Agent for Trilogy, Aliysa answers customer questions on the phone or by email. She also assists them with installations, configurations and using TaxCycle and DoxCycle. Outside of work, Aliysa enjoys rock climbing, playing the piano, photography and web development.

Allen Burns

Allen BurnsSenior Tax Analyst

Accountant by trade, determined to do tax returns only with a pen and paper. Patience and tolerance tested by four sons. That very French English guy… lured by a scant job posting, Allen and family moved from Québec to Alberta to join the world of tax software in 2001. Initially focused on writing and testing forms and calculations, he migrated to guiding others doing the hard work during his almost 11 years on Intuit’s TurboTax® and ProFile® teams. At Trilogy, he’s like a pastry chef — he’s got his fingers in every pie! His knowledge is unsurpassed when it comes to T1/TP1, T2, T3 and the whole gamut of forms and calculations. He liaises with Revenu Québec and the CRA and nurtures those relationships so that we can fulfill the government requirements in a manner that makes for a successful recipe. When Allen resolves EFILE and NETFILE issues, it’s like watching a chef put the icing on the cake.

Andrew Little

Andrew LittleSoftware Architect & Founder

A software engineer with two decades of experience working across the globe, Andrew holds a Commerce degree from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He has been writing software since computers only had 16 colours! Prior to landing in the world of tax a decade ago, he cut his teeth creating retail and financial services software. He has considerable experience in both the consumer and professional tax industries. He's focused on continuing to grow and bring his experience and passion for developing software to Trilogy. In his spare time, Andrew codes, golfs and tries to keep up with his two children. 

Arthur Conde

Arthur CondeSenior Software Developer

Bill KimballDirector of Operations

Blair Burke

Blair BurkeQuality Assurance Analyst

Blair has 18 years of experience in testing software and firmware. He’s enjoying working with the TaxCycle and DoxCycle development teams to provide the end user with a very positive tax preparation experience. Blair is responsible for the UI interface. This means he’s always on the lookout for things that don’t work as they should — whether it’s as simple as a file that won’t open or save properly, or a misbehaving options profile, he’s digging deeper. As new features are introduced, he tests them inside and out before they are released to our clients. When not bug hunting, Blair enjoys working in his wood shop or watching movies, lots of movies. After being teased in the office about zombie movies he may have the last laugh when the zombie apocalypse unfolds and he knows exactly what to do.

Brian AppletonSoftware Developer

Brian grew up at a time when the Internet felt like an older sibling—you didn’t know life without it! During his early school days, he spent more time than he can remember taking computers apart and building websites. In high school, he aced his way through computer courses. When the opportunity for a career as a Service Technician for a point-of-sale company came knocking, he packed up his belongings and moved from Beautiful B.C. to Alberta’s Wild Rose Country. He spent the next 10 years honing his craft and travelling to the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Following his return to Canada, he enrolled at SAIT to pursue his interest in computer programming. Before he knew it, Brian joined the Trilogy Team as a software developer. When Brian is not at his desk, he likes to tackle home-improvement projects or repair a ‘clunker’. However he decides to spend his time, it’s always full speed ahead.

Brian EasleyTechnical Support

 Carl Jensen

Carl JensenSenior Software Developer

After graduating from Computer Information Systems at Mount Royal University in 1999, Carl launched his career in the tax industry. He started with GreenPoint Software and transitioned to Intuit Canada from 2000 until 2011 when he joined Trilogy Software. Carl's initial work was on the software Help Desk prior to gradually moving to software development in the early 2000s. He specializes in forms development, tax legislation, module calculations and carry forwards.

Cheikh DioufTechnical Support

Christian Muller

Christian MullerTechnical Support

Christian came to Trilogy from a storied background. He was initially schooled in the hospitality industry. This is no surprise to anyone who knows him as his passion lies in helping others. He extends his help and assistance, in English and French, to customers, colleagues and anyone else he crosses paths with. Christian joined Trilogy in early 2013 where he has feverishly strived to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction. When he’s not answering the many questions people have about Canada’s most innovative tax software, Christian enjoys gardening, exploring the Rocky Mountains or landing in any far-flung sun-soaked destination. In the office, he’s known as our social convenor.

Colan Toews

Colan ToewsSoftware Architect & Founder

Colan started his tenure in the tax software industry even before graduating magna cum laude with a degree in computer science. He began with Cantax in 1996, and joined GreenPoint Software in 1998, where he applied his application development expertise to help create the ProFile® Professional Tax Software Suite, acquired by Intuit in 2000. He remained with Intuit for over a decade where, in addition to his role as senior software engineer, he also lead the development of InTRA (Intuit Tax and Accounting Research Application) and managed the team who released the product to market. He was later chosen to join the Intuit Innovation Group, working to create mobile applications and helping to set the direction for the future of their online tax product. Colan has an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge, constantly reading about varied subjects. Trilogy is the latest pursuit to capture his interest and enthusiasm.

Dan Parkinson

Dan ParkinsonDan Parkinson, Compliance Architect

Dad. Developer. Tax Software Professional. In addition to being the tallest person in almost every room he enters, Dan brings over two decades of experience creating tax software for the Canadian market. He is very excited to be part of the team that reinvents what software can mean to tax and accounting professionals across the country. When things don’t jive, Dan is our go-to guy. He can fix anything and everything — he’s a tax calc wizard, our auto-update guru, an optimizations expert. Nothing rattles him cause in the end, it will compute. A long time Calgarian, he and with his wife Jennifer are raising a young family of technology and gadget enthusiasts.

 Darlene Thorpe

Darlene ThorpeQuality Assurance Analyst

Darlene’s ‘tax’ journey began shortly after high school when she took a course to learn how to prepare tax returns. Before she knew it, she was a seasonal tax preparer for H&R Block—something she ended up doing for 11 years. In 2000, she was recruited by Intuit to join the QA team. During her tenure, she gained prominence within the QA team supporting TurboTax desktop, online and eventually mobile apps. She spearheaded the QA Centre of Excellence with TurboTax and ProFile teams driving process improvements and knowledge sharing. And if that wasn’t enough, she became an administrator/trainer for processes and tools such as Jira Agile, SharePoint, and ScrumWorks. We’re delighted to have Darlene at Trilogy where she’s applying her QA expertise testing TaxCycle calculations and compliance. Outside of work, Darlene and her husband own a travel group called Canadian Travel Mongers. They enjoy backcountry hiking/camping through the mountains and canoe trips. They have travelled through Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and many Caribbean Islands.

Elizabeth Kohl

Elizabeth KohlDirector of Communications and User Experience

Elizabeth graduated with honours with a B.A. in French and German from the University of Victoria. While studying, she also followed her passion for software and web technologies, teaching herself to design and build websites.

In 2000, Elizabeth began her career in professional tax software writing technical documentation and delivering training seminars for Intuit ProFile. In 2005, she went on to lead instructional design and became Vice President of Program Management for a Corridor Interactive, a national online-learning provider. When invited to return to tax software by joining Trilogy Software in 2012, Elizabeth jumped at the chance to once again work with a talented team and passionate accounting professionals.

As Director of Communications and User Experience, Elizabeth champions clear, concise communication. She applies her design skills to make TaxCycle simple, usable and delightful for Canadian tax preparers. Elizabeth enjoys tackling tricky topics in TaxCycle webinars and online documentation, creating simple and beautiful instructional videos and writing, and helping preparers make the most of TaxCycle.

After hours, Elizabeth enjoys walking and biking along the Bow River in Calgary, knitting, reading and visiting family in Canada and overseas.


Hallie NguyenSoftware Tester

 Jocelyne Pigeon

Jocelyne PigeonSenior Translator / Technical Writer

When Jocelyne joined Greenpoint Software in October 2001, little did she know she’d meet so many passionate and talented people creating tax software. She was hired to write bilingual technical documentation for ProFile® and deliver training seminars in French. In 2006, she transitioned from this role to join the Intuit translation team. Her passion for this inspired her to earn her Certificate in translation from the Université de Saint-Boniface. While her primary role over the years was focused on ProFile®, she later became the lead translator on TurboTax® user interface and other French Canadian products. In May 2015, Jocelyne joined the Trilogy TaxCycle team to localize the product for the French Canadian market. When she’s not writing or translating, Jocelyne is outdoors working on her golf game, cycling, skiing, hiking or skating. She also volunteers at music festivals and a community theatre.  

Karanbir SinghTax Software Tester

Kyle AkerstromJunior Developer

John MacLean

John MacLeanDigital Marketing Specialist

Not only did John graduate with a business degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2009, he also has a background in sales and both traditional and online marketing. Before joining Trilogy Software, John worked for a digital arts college where he conceptualized and designed advertisements and wrote online content. He’s also well versed in event planning, promotion and graphic design. Like many Maritimers, John followed his heart when he moved west to the Canadian Rockies in early 2015. By April, he was our Marketing Specialist. One of his first projects was to spearhead the redesign of our new mobile-friendly website using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. Aside from doing web and graphic design, John’s other interests include learning about Google technologies and playing musical instruments in his spare time.

Jonathan HoSenior Cloud Engineer

Marc Labrecque

Marc LabrecqueDirector of Sales

Marc is one of Canada's leading tax and accounting business development professionals. In his career, he's excelled as a sales and marketing management and business leadership executive in tax and accounting software firms such as Sci-Com, Taxprep, CCH, and Intuit. Marc's extensive experience also includes 10 years in other vertical businesses such as real estate, oil and gas, and education. His focus at Trilogy is business development and customer acquisition. Within the team, he nurtures close relationships with customers by answering their questions and helping them use our products. Marc’s passion for the pro-tax industry, along with his customer-centric approach to business, makes him eager to help tax preparers make the best technology choice for their practice.

Maryse Venne

Maryse Venne Technical Support

Prior to moving to Alberta in 2001, Maryse had lived in Newfoundland and La Belle Province. Her career in the tax industry began in the late 90s as a clerk entering Québec personal tax returns. When she moved with her husband and four young sons to Alberta, she embarked on a path where she earned numerous achievement awards. As a fluently bilingual person, she joined Intuit as a Service Agent before becoming a Team Lead. She later became a Trainer, then a Support Analyst, and finally a Senior Supportability Specialist. Immersing herself in ProFile® and TurboTax®, she quickly became the subject matter expert which lead to her role as an Assisted Support Manager of the Consumer tax group. At Trilogy, Maryse provides customer support and training to use our products and services. Outside of work, Maryse enjoys landscaping and tackling other ‘home-improvement’ projects.

Namarjeet SohiSoftware Developer

Prior to arriving in Canada in 2018, Namar had spent six years working in the dairy service industry in India and New Zealand. An electronics and communication engineer by training, his first job on North American soil was with a telecom manufacturer providing digital and analog broadcasting supplies to radio and TV stations. To achieve his goal of launching a new career in the software industry, he studied .Net application development at the University of Calgary. He joined Trilogy Software in early 2020. When he’s not designing forms, writing code and fixing bugs for TaxCycle, Namar enjoys tending to his vegetable garden and learning about indoor plants.

Perry Giagos

Perry GiagosBusiness Development Representative

Like many others at Trilogy, Perry has many years of experience in the tax software industry. He landed at Trilogy in September 2017 and works from his home office in Laval, QC. He studied at Concordia University in Montreal and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor in Business degree. With a thirst to learn more, he earned two more certificates from McGill University: Internal Business in 2004 and Internet Business in 2017. Over the years, Perry acquired extensive sales and marketing experience and worked in other vertical industries such semiconductor distribution, electronic manufacturing, financial services and tax software. He spent 2 ½ years at Thomson Reuters DT Max in a sales role serving accountants and tax preparers across Canada. As a Business Development Representative at Trilogy, he’ll help customers and prospects choose the best tax modules for their practice with after sales service and support.

But he’s not all business and no play… he’s a huge fan of Games of Thrones. In addition, he enjoys reading about history, science, tech and current affairs. Travelling also figures high on his bucket list.

Rebecca BrowneBusiness Development Representative

Rebecca’s career in the accounting industry has been driven by creating long-lasting client relationships. Many accountants in public practice, living in BC, most likely have interacted with her over the years. Her sales journey began with CPA Canada in the early 90s when researching tax issues required that you open a binder and scan through an index. In her own words: “Thank goodness for technology!” Rebecca spent more than 10 years with the Institute before moving over to Thomson Reuters where she specialized in providing Canadian and US Tax Research tools to accountants in public practice and industry. As a member of the TaxCycle team, Rebecca plays an active role in business development and supporting customers as they transition over to TaxCycle.

Riyam Al-NiaimiBilingual Technical Writer

Roberto Trimboli

Roberto TrimboliDirector of Product Development

A business analyst with a degree in economics from the University of Calgary (2004), Rob has applied his analytical and leadership skills in multiple industrial sectors including Petroleum, Internet Marketing, IT and Software Development. He was most recently a Senior Analyst at Intuit Canada responsible for development and team leadership for multiple modules of Intuit's ProFile® software. He arrived at Trilogy Software in 2010 to join the other 'pioneers' of this new brand of tax software. As director of product development for TaxCycle, Rob ensures timely releases for our clients of which many contain customer-driven suggestions and features. He is passionate about creating innovative tax software solutions utilizing his industry background and education. Rob is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family – going for hikes, dirt-biking and mountain-biking.

Sarka Hojda

Sarka HojdaCPA, CGA/Tax Analyst

After graduating from Queens University with a degree in Economics, Sarka went on to apply her skills to project management and marketing. Some time later, her passion for accounting was reawakened and she earned her CPA, CGA designation while working on her B. Com and running her own small accounting firm. A closeted tech junkie, Sarka got her first 64K computer from Radio Shack. Before you knew it, she was hooked on technology: from cassette tapes to floppy disks to USBs and now the cloud. Sarka brings together her entrepreneurial skills, tax/accounting knowledge and love of technology to help elevate the user experience and lead the TaxFolder e-signatures team. In her spare time, she's a full-time Mom to two beautiful daughters. Sarka also likes a good Sudoku/logic puzzle, hanging with her family, the challenge of trying to seamlessly sync all her devices or just kicking back with a good book on her e-reader.

Sikander SinghQuality Assurance Analyst

Simran SandhuJunior Web Developer

Steven Yu

Steven YuCPA, CA/Senior Tax Analyst

Steven started his accounting career as an articling student in Montreal in 1998. Upon becoming a Chartered Accountant in 2001 in Vancouver, Steven spent the subsequent years in public practice as an auditor, and later as a tax specialist. In 2005, Steven and his wife moved to Calgary to join the ProFile® team. He later moved to the Intuit Mississauga office to become the ProFile® module team lead. In 2012, he returned to Calgary with his wife and 2 lovely daughters to join the Trilogy TaxCycle team to focus his efforts on building the best Canadian tax preparation software there is. He’s proud to be contributing to his fellow Canadian accountants’ world by continually making innovative and leading-edge tax software.

Tim ChengMarketing Coordinator

Tony Croft

Tony CroftTechnical Support

Tony’s career in the tax preparation business started in Calgary in 1992. In the mid-90s, he retired his pencil, paper and calculator to use the tax software programs that were available in those days. He used Cantax® before moving to ProFile® in 1997. In 2006, he joined Intuit where he worked in the call centre to provide technical support to ProFile® users. He later became a ProFile® Senior Service Agent. In the summer of 2014, an opportunity struck and Tony landed at Trilogy in September. Having filed over 50 returns per year since 2006, Tony was eager to learn TaxCycle. In his words… “I found the transition from preparing returns in ProFile® to TaxCycle very easy.” He has since filed returns from 2012 onward using TaxCycle and has never looked back. Tony supports our customers by answering their questions on the phone or by email. Like other members of the TaxCycle team, he relaxes in the summer months by tending to his garden.