"It saved us a lot of review time."

Chris Browne
CPA, CA | Partner | White Kennedy LLP

Chris Browne

Why did you switch to TaxCycle?

We wanted to become more efficient during T1 season by scanning in data using DoxCycle’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and importing from Auto-fill my return (AFR).  

What concerns did your team have about switching?

We had our old software since 2000, so we knew it inside and out. The biggest trepidation was losing that familiarity and speed.

How was the learning curve?

It took us about a month to get fully familiar with TaxCycle. To help transition, I prepared about 125 returns end-to-end in TaxCycle because I thought it was the best way for me to learn. It took a little longer for those who didn’t do that.

Are you more productive?

Back in the old days, I would have had to key in all the slips myself. Now, I use OCR to enter data and AFR to verify my numbers, and I’m done. After tax season, we met as partners and the consensus is that it saved a lot of review time. 

What do you like most about TaxCycle?

Our success story is about moving data around at the right time so we don’t repeat data entry, and seeing those links between products in the suite. AFR significantly reduced review time. SlipSync is a nice feature for personal tax clients who are also corporate clients. Without it, it’s possible to miss slips—a T5 can somehow not get to the right spot. On the T2 side, the ability to link corporate groups is very nice. 

What does your staff think?

Our staff has no regrets. 

What would you tell someone considering the switch to TaxCycle?

Our services and our industry are constantly evolving. We must always look forward. TaxCycle has allowed us to do that.

Firm type: Full service, with tax department

Location: Penticton, British Columbia

Number of offices: 3

Partners/employees: 49

Number of clients: 5200 personal, 2500 other

Products: TaxCycle Suite, including DoxCycle

First T1 season with TaxCycle: 2016