"Our staff learned the software very quickly."

Gordon D. Hathorn
CPA, CA | Partner | Mowbrey Gil LLP

Gordon D. Hathorn

Why did you switch to TaxCycle?

We switched to TaxCycle because we were not happy with our old software.

What concerns did your team have about switching?

We feared the unknown, of course. And, that the software would not work as imagined. Our fears were alleviated.

How was the learning curve?

Great! Our team picked up on the software with very little training and used it with ease from the start. We did not experience problems with a learning curve when we first used the software. It was very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Are you more productive?

We saw productivity gains during our first personal tax season.

What do you like most about TaxCycle?

Ease-of-use. The technical support is very good. Templates and print settings are easy to use.

What does your staff think?

Our staff was happy with the switch. We would make the switch again.

What would you tell someone considering the switch to TaxCycle?

We highly recommend making the switch. By maintaining the status quo, you are losing the opportunity to achieve productivity gains.

Firm type: Full service

Location: Edmonton, AB

Partners/employees: 60

Specialties: Mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, Canadian and US tax.

Products: All tax modules, including CO-17

First T1 season with TaxCycle: 2015