Move Settings and Templates into Options Profiles

Updated: 2021-01-19

In 2020 and 2021, we enhanced Options Profiles and local options folder to accept template files and other settings that were previously only stored on the hard drive. If you have an existing options profile, we recommend you consider adding those files to it. At some point in the future, we will be requiring everyone to transition their settings and template files to this new format.

It is now made it possible to include data monitors, favourites, default form tabs, printer settings, template files, label settings and summary settings in an Options Profile or the equivalent local options folder.  

  1. At the top of the Options dialog, choose the Options Profile or Local options where you want to move the settings and files.
  2. Click the Make link to change the Options Profile (not applicable to the Local options).
    Screen Capture: Select Options Profile
  3. To move data monitors and favourites, and rename the settings files to match the format of other settings in the zip file, go to the Common Folders page under the Files and Folders section.
    1. Scroll to Data monitors and favourites section.
    2. Click the link to Move data monitors, favourites and tab settings to Options Profile.
      Screen Capture: Move Favourites
    3. If you wish to delete the old files at the same time as moving them, check the box. If you have several Options Profiles, we recommend leaving them there until you have moved them into all the profiles.
    4. Click OK.
      Screen Capture: Confirm Move
  4. To move Printer Settings, Template Files, Label Settings and Summary Settings, go the applicable page under the Files and Folders section.
    1. For printer settings only, check Share printer settings at the top of the page.
    2. Click the link to Copy to [Options Profile Name].
      Screen Capture: Move Printer Settings
    3. After moving the files, the path to the folder will start with PROFILE:
      Screen Capture: After Moving PROFILE:
  5. To make sure the relevant pages are included in the selected Options Profile so you can share the settings with others, click the Manage link.
    1. Confirm that the following pages under Files and Folders are checked: Printer Settings, Template Files, Label Settings and Summary Settings.
    2. Confirm that the appropriate pages under each module are checked: Templates, Data Monitors, Favourites, Tabs.
      Screen Capture: Include Options Pages
  6. To move signature and logo image files, go the Correspondence page under the Organization section.
    1. For the Logo image file, click the link to Move file to [Options Profile Name].
    2. For the Signature image file, click the link to Move file to [Options Profile Name].
      Screen Capture: Move file to options profile
    3. After moving the files, the path for the file will start with PROFILE:
  7. Click OK to save your changes.

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