How to Sign a Document in TaxFolder

Updated: 2021-02-16

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  1. When your tax preparer requests that you electronically sign a document using TaxFolder, you will receive an email. Click the Sign or Approve Document button in the email. You can do this on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
    Sign Document Button in Email
  2. In the browser window that opens, you are asked to verify your identity. The information required may change based on the type of tax returns your tax preparer files for you. You must complete all fields to continue to the next step.
  3. Enter the last four digits of your phone number. This will send a text message to your mobile phone with the verification code. If your phone number is a landline, it will call the number. Answer the call and listen to the automated message to hear the code. (Please note that international phone numbers from some countries are not supported at this time.)
  4. Enter the verification code. You can see the number where the code was sent above this box or click the link to resend the code.
  5. Enter the remaining identifying information, then click Verify Identity
    Verify Identity Screen
  6. After successfully verifying your identity, the document will appear on screen for signature.
    Document Ready to Sign
  7. If you wish to download the original document before signing, click the Download Original button.
    Download Original Link
  8. Click in the yellow Signature field.
    Signature Field in TaxFolder
  9. In the pop-up window, provide your signature. On a desktop computer, use your mouse to write your signature. On a mobile phone, tablet or other touch screen, use your finger or a stylus.
  10. If you need to erase your signature, click the Clear button.
  11. When you are happy with your signature, click the Sign Field button. By clicking this button, you acknowledge that the electronic signature is a legally binding representation of your signature.
    Sign Field
  12. TaxFolder inserts your signature into the document and records the date of signature.
    Signature in Field
  13. If there are more signatures required in the document, click the Next Field button at the top of the document to repeat steps 8 to 12 for each field.
    Next Field Button
  14. Once you sign all the required fields, click the Send Signatures button at the top of the document. By clicking this button, you agree to be legally bound by the document you signed and the TaxFolder End-User Terms of Service.
    Send Signatures Button
  15. From the confirmation page, you can download the Original document or the Signed Copy. The signed copy may take a few moments to prepare. If you prefer not to wait, TaxFolder will also send you an email with a link to view the signed document when it is ready.
    Signatures stored securely!

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