Authorization Requests Rejected by CRA (update)


January 18, 2021—We've been advised by the CRA that the Web service has been refreshed and is once again available.

We have received reports from TaxCycle users of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rejecting authorization requests for both personal (AuthRep) and business (AuthRepBus).

Those filing the AuthRep receive error code T804, software not certified. Those filing the AuthRepBus receive a message indicating that the username and/or password are incorrect.

Based on details provided from TaxCycle users, these errors seem to occur for those preparers who have either not yet renewed their EFILE accounts, or have not yet received confirmation from CRA that they have successfully passed the screening process.

The CRA has confirmed that they are having technical difficulties with some authorization requests but have not provided a date when they expect the issue to be resolved. 

Transmissions for T1, T2 and foreign reporting (T1135, etc.) are not affected by this issue. Preparers who have not passed the full EFILE renewal screening process by January 22, 2021, will lose access to filing when the system closes for annual maintenance at midnight on January 22, 2021.