Revenu Québec Rejecting MR-69 Signed Using TaxFolder

Updated: 2021-09-28

When a client electronically signs the Québec MR-69 form, Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney, TaxFolder adds a page to the PDF document with the electronic signature certificate to certify the authenticity of the e-signature.

When filing a MR-69 request with Revenu Québec, you must attach the signed MR-69 to the transmission. However, the filing system validates the MR-69 submission by checking that the attached document only contains pages of the MR-69 form. If that check passes, it also verifies certain details on page 3, including the presence of a signature. The additional TaxFolder electronic signature certificate page causes the validation to fail and prevents transmission.


Before attaching the MR-69 for transmission in TaxCycle, remove the electronic signature certificate page from the PDF file.

  • If you have software that allows you to edit a PDF file (like Adobe Acrobat Pro), open the PDF file, delete the last page containing the electronic signature certificate and save a new copy of the file.
  • If you only have PDF viewing software (like Adobe Reader), open the PDF file and print the first three pages to a new PDF file.

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