NetFile amended Alberta AT1 corporate returns in TaxCycle T2

As of November 30, 2018, you can electronically file amended Alberta AT1 corporate tax returns. TaxCycle T2 already includes this functionality. Make sure you are running the latest update and then follow the instructions below.

    1. To help you electronically file an amended AT1 return, TaxCycle creates a separate snapshot upon transmission of the original Alberta AT1 return. This snapshot allows TaxCycle to create a separate AT1 amendment. If you make changes after filing, TaxCycle automatically compares any changes in the background with the snapshot. If TaxCycle finds differences that could require filing an amendment, a bulletin appears above the form area. This bulletin will notify you when there is an amendment required to the AT1 return. If the changes affect more than just the AT1 return, you will want to file amendments for the federal T2 and any other provincial returns as well.
    2. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the link to Mark AT1 as amended.
    3. This answers Yes to the question in the Alberta - AT1 section on the Info worksheet about whether this is an amended AT1 return.


  1. Go to the Transmit sidebar and click the link to Dismiss the results and start again in the AT1 Net File box. Then, follow the same steps as you do to transmit an original AT1 return. See the Alberta AT1 Net File help topic.