RESOLVED: Do Not Use Version 10.1.42689.0 To File Coupled Returns With Self-Employment Income on the Spouse's Return

If you downloaded version 10.1.42689.0, released Thursday, April 1, 2021, do not use it to file coupled returns with self-employment income on the spouse's return. This version does not correctly report the income or loss on the T1 jacket of the spouse’s return. This problem affects all income statements (T2125, T776, T2121, T2042), regardless of whether the income statement is shared between taxpayers.

We have removed the version from our download page. If you installed this version, please uninstall and revert to version 10.1.42514.0. You can use this link to download version 10.1.42514.0.

This version was only made available as a full download from our website, not as an automatic update. If you did not expressly download and install version 10.1.42689.0, no action is required.


This issue was resolved in the latest TaxCycle release.