RESOLVED: EFILE error code 2078

We have received notice from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that the EFILE system is currently experiencing issues processing returns where an amount is claimed at line 457, Employee and partner GST/HST rebate, on the T1 jacket.

If you attempt to transmit a T1 return with an amount on this line, the following error may be returned:

Error code 2078

Field 457 for the employee and partnership GST/HST rebate differs from the maximum allowable.


The CRA has informed us that this issue occurs because T1 EFILE system no longer supports 12% BC HST claimed on the GST370; however the GST370 form still included the rate. In response, the CRA has released an updated version of the GST370, which we have included in version 8.1.84803.0 of TaxCycle.