RESOLVED: Net world income doubled

We have discovered an issue where a non-resident spouse's net world income is doubled when it flows from the taxpayer's Schedule 2 worksheet (S2WS) to the T1 jacket.

This issue affects returns that are not coupled. (In other words, those where you are entering the non-resident spouse's income on the S2WS rather than preparing a full return for the spouse.)


  1. On the S2WS, answer Yes to indicate that the spouse was non-resident throughout 2018.
  2. Enter the spouse's net world income for the year. For example $1000.
  3. On the T1 jacket, this amount is double the amount entered. For example $2000.





Override the value on the T1 jacket to the correct amount. Then, verify that any applicable spousal credits are correct.


This issue is resolved in version TaxCycle version 8.1.35009.0.