Save 20% on a DocuSign® Annual Plan

Save 20% on a DocuSign® Annual Plan

TaxCycle integrates with DocuSign® so you can send documents to your clients for signature directly from TaxCycle. In addition, you can track the receipt of those signatures, store those documents in DocuSign® (as long as you maintain a subscription) and download them from within TaxCycle. Save yourself time this tax season while working remotely with your clients.

Try DocuSign® Today

Try it with 3 clients over a 30-day free trial period. (If you choose not to sign up, remember to download your signed documents if you cancel your subscription or choose not to continue with your subscription after the trial period. You will lose access when your subscription expires.)

TaxCycle Users Save 20%

After your trial, sign up for a monthly or annual plan. TaxCycle users save 20% when they purchase an annual plan before May 31, 2020 through this page.

Webinar: TaxCycle and DocuSign®

Join us for a new webinar on TaxCycle and DocuSign® to learn how to send documents for electronic signature to your clients. You will learn how to:

  • Get DocuSign® special pricing for TaxCycle customers
  • Decide whether a free electronic signature option is enough for you
  • Link your DocuSign® account with TaxCycle
  • Set print options to request an electronic signature
  • Mask social insurance and business numbers
  • Track the status of electronic signatures in TaxCycle
  • Download signed PDF files from TaxCycle
  • Manage signatures for other forms (such as T2091)

Date and time: Tuesday, April 7 at 11:00 a.m. MT

Length: 30 minutes

Presenter: Cameron Peters

Answer the polls during the webinar to earn 0.5 verifiable CPD credits.

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