TaxCycle 10.0.42147.0—T1 Authorization Requests (Revised)

This TaxCycle release includes the removal of the Preview watermark on most T1 forms, information about the electronic submission of authorization requests, changes to templates and customer requests.

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Release Highlights


After the initial automatic update using version 10.0.42131.0, we detected an issue with TaxCycle reading the recent files list. To resolve this issue, we released version 10.0.42138.0 as download only over the weekend of February 6 and 7th. Enabling automatic update on February 8 changed the version number one more time.

TaxCycle T1

Removal of Preview Watermark

With this release, the Preview watermark has been removed from most forms to allow you to mail any returns to CRA or Revenu Québec that are ready and which you do not want to or cannot transmit through EFILE.

Note: The following that still have the Preview watermark due to ongoing testing.

  • T2203: Provincial and Territorial Taxes for Multiple Jurisdictions
  • TP1, Schedule H: Tax Credit for Caregivers
  • TP-1029.8.61.64-V: Tax credit for Caregivers. This form is used when more than two people are claimed on Schedule H for any of the sections (overflow form).

New Form

  • TP-59.S: Expenses Related to Working Remotely Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic (This is the TP1 equivalent of federal form T777S.)

Electronic Submission of Authorization Requests

Electronic submission of authorization requests (formerly T1013) from TaxCycle T1 2019 and 2020 will require you update to this release in order to transmit any returns starting February 8th. All other electronic services remain closed until February 22. See our CRA Service Interruptions blog for a detailed list.

TaxCycle T2 Form Updates

  • T2SCH3: Dividends Received, Taxable Dividends Paid, and Part IV Tax Calculation
    • The description was revised in table 3, column I.1
  • T2SCH49: Agreement Among Associated Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations to Allocate the Expenditure Limit
    • The table at the bottom of page 1 is only visible on the screen and will not print UNLESS you check the box marked "Print as appears on screen" in the print dialog window.

Template Changes

  • Customer Requested Added information about Quebec tuition transfers and credits to the client letters (CLetter, JLetter and DLetter) in 2020 T1.
  • Customer Requested Added information about Quebec medical expense claims to the client letters (CLetter, JLetter and DLetter) in 2020 T1.
  • Customer Requested Added a reference to suggest providing rent receipts for residents of Manitoba when applicable in the pre-season and post-season letters in 2020 T1 and the post-season letters in 2019 T1.

Customer Requests

  • T1 and T3 income statements—The Calculate CCA on buildings check box will remain unchecked when carried forward.
  • T5013 in 2019 and earlier—Resolved a transmission failed error relating to Schedule 58.
  • TaxCycle T4 TP-64.3: General Employment Conditions—Can be completed for employees along with either the T2200 and T2200S.