TaxCycle 10.2.44507.0—Client Manager Indexing Enhancements

This release includes a new field required by the CRA for the repayment of federal COVID-19 benefits, Client Manager indexing enhancements, the implementation of customers requests and resolved issues.

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Release Highlights

New Field for Repayment of federal COVID-19 Benefits

In TaxCycle T1 2020, a new field 23210 has been added on the Deductions worksheet to enter the amount claimed for the repayment of federal COVID-19 benefits, made after 2020 and before January 1, 2023, that is claimed in 2020 on line 23200, Other deductions. When an amount is entered, TaxCycle includes line 23210 in the EFILE transmission, as well as in the bar code of the T1Condensed, or in the ReFILE transmission and T1-ADJ for amended returns. See the CRA page Tax Treatment of COVID-19 Benefits for details.

Client Manager Indexing Enhancements

This release changes some behaviour of indexing and logging into the Client Manager. These changes should improve the speed of indexing a large volume of files. The changes include:

  1. By default, the Client Manager now only indexes files that have changed. A new server setting allows you enable or disable this behaviour as required.
  2. By default, the Client Manager now automatically creates a report of the files it found, indexed and could not read. It saves these reports in the same folder as the Client Manager log file and retains the reports for 10 days.
    Screen Capture: Client Manager Server Settings
  3. When manually re-indexing, you can choose to reset the database (delete all entries) before re-indexing. If you do not reset the database, the Client Manager will only re-index files that have changed.
    Screen Capture: Client Manager Indexing

Also note, this release also removes the ability to index Visual Tax files in the Client Manager. We discontinued support for carryforward from Visual Tax in 2018.

New T5013 Partner ID Field

We added a field to the T5013Partner worksheet for entering a Partner ID. This change was requested by firms preparing returns where the same partner entity may have slips issued to different individuals, but the partner is the same entity for the slip (such as one partnership but multiple slips within the same partnership). It provides a way to identify the individual to whom the slip is attributed.

The Partner ID is now part of the slip name in the Prepare sidebar and the slip drop-down menu. The new format prepends the Partner ID, in the following order: “T5013Partner - Partner ID - Entity/Individual Name, Entity Tax Number.”

 This field is shared with the RL-15 and slip name in the sidebar and drop-down menu. This field can also be added as an optional column on the Partner, Allocation and Slips summaries.

Resolved Issues

  • Slips filing with Internet File Transfer (XML) not working when using a keyboard instead of a mouse to move to Attach your return step.
  • The Print page button not functioning within the Internet File Transfer (XML) dialog box.
  • Capital losses not transmitting with the T5013 return (corrected back to 2017) and the S58 transmitting when blank (corrected in 2020 and 2021). 
  • The progress bar not displaying when uninstalling TaxCycle.
  • Correction to the calculation on the T2 T2054 of the number of months used to determine the CDA late filing penalty so that it coincides with the Canadian Interpretations Act. This was applied to the Prior Year, Current Year and Future CDA election forms.
  • Foreign affiliate names are not available in the Foreign affiliate drop down in the T1134 Submit e-Document table in the T2 module. The sequence number is not being calculated.