TaxCycle 11.2.47721.0—Minor Updates

This version adds a few smaller updates and addresses recent customer concerns.

To install this version immediately, download the full installer from our website or request a free trial. Once we enable the automatic update for this version, TaxCycle will prompt you to install it according to the priority set in your TaxCycle Options. (To deploy auto-update files from your network, see the Auto-Update Files page.)

Release Highlights

T2 Schedule 89

This release updates T2 Schedule 89 to the version issued by the CRA on July 8, 2022. 

  • Part 1 - Contact Information contains a new line 024 for the Name of firm. TaxCycle will automatically complete this line with the signing officer’s information from the Info worksheet, based on the selection you make at the top of the schedule.
    Screen Capture: Line 024 Name of firm
  • The new parts 2A, 5 and 6 must be completed, if applicable.
  • Part 2A contains a new screen-only question. Answer Yes to Complete part 2A from CDA worksheet?.
    Screen Capture: Complete 2A from CDA worksheet

Customer Requests

  • T1—Added a check box to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) worksheet to indicate whether or not to calculate the GIS.
  • T1—Changed post-season letters to use the next-year address, phone numbers and email address if entered on the Engagement worksheet. This changes the post-season letter for 2021 and 2022.
  • T1—Removed form TP-1029.9 from the list of forms to sign in the 2022 TP1 sections client letters.
  • T2—Added two more add-back amounts to Schedule 63 that flow automatically from Schedule 1, lines 309 and 313, when you choose to complete Schedule 63 from Schedule 125.
    Screen Capture: T2SCH63

Other Changes

  • Carryforward is now available from Taxprep® to all 2022 modules (T1, T2, T3, T5013 and slips modules).
  • T5013—T1135 EFILE certification updated to October 31, 2022.
  • T1—Added home phone field to the next year’s address section on the Engagement worksheet.
  • T1—Added carryforward of phone number fields from the next year’s address section on the Engagement worksheet to the following year's Info worksheet.

Resolved Issues