TaxCycle 12.1.49356.0—Minor Updates (Revised)

This version of TaxCycle adds a few small updates and resolves issues discovered since the last release.

To install this version immediately, download the full installer from our website or request a free trial. Once we enable the automatic update for this version, TaxCycle will prompt you to install it according to the priority set in your TaxCycle Options. (To deploy auto-update files from your network, see the Auto-Update Files page.)

Release Highlights


We originally released version 12.1.49304.0 on February 27, 2023, with the changes below. On March 2nd, 2023, we released version 12.1.49356.0 to address the following issues:

T1 Updates

  • Form T2039, Air quality improvement tax credit, has been finalized and approved by the CRA.
  • Updated maximum Old Age Security (OAS) to reflect the CRA's change from July 2022 that increased OAS by 10% for anyone aged 75 and up. TaxCycle will now also suggest this new calculated amount in the Quick Fix review message.

The following forms still display a Preview watermark and are not ready for EFILE. All other T1 forms are final.

  • T2203, Provincial and Territorial Taxes for Multiple Jurisdictions
  • CCA-related forms for business and rental statements while we complete the implementation of immediate expensing calculations.

UHT-2900 Changes

  • Resolved Known Issue: Exemption Not Calculating on UHT-2900
  • Added a section about excluded and affected owners to the top of the UHT-2900 form to help determine if a UHT-2900 return needs to be filed. This section also helps with the population of other data on the form as applicable.

T3 Updates

Updated form T2038-IND, Investment Tax Credit (Individuals) to the latest version released by the CRA on February 8, 2023. 

T3010 Updates

Updated form T2046, Tax Return Where Registration of a Charity is Revoked to the latest 2023 version released by the CRA.

Customer Requests

  • T1—Added a New File option for AgriStability forms (T1163/1273)
  • T1—Added a New File option for the Information about organ and tissue donations question for Ontario and Nunavut. Screen Capture: New File Options in TaxCycle

Resolved Issues

  • Known Issue: Invalid Protocol for AFR Response
  • T1—Corrected Payment due date text for self-employed returns in the 2021/2022 pre-season and post-season letters (PreSeason, JPreSeason, FPreSeason, PostSeason, JPostSeason, FPostSeason). The pre-season letters now pull the filing and payment due dates from the Engagement and Interest worksheets, respectively. The post-season letters contain an additional bullet point to address the different filing deadline for self-employment returns.
  • Customer Reported T5013—Fixed calculation for automatic allocation of Line 186 (non-SR&ED) investment tax credits (ITCs) for Limited Partners.