TaxCycle 9.0.37041.0—Customer Requests

This release addresses a few customer requests and resolves issues reported since the previous major TaxCycle release.

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Release highlights

Customer requests

  • The Province button on the Home menu now toggles between federal and provincial summaries in TaxCycle T1/TP1.
  • The Province button on the Home menu now cycles through equivalent federal and provincial forms in TaxCycle T2. This includes the forms for Alberta AT1 and Québec CO-17, depending on which jurisdictions apply to the return.

Taxprep® carryforward

TaxCycle now supports the carryforward of files from Taxprep® from the following versions:

  • Taxprep T1 2018 V5.0
  • Taxprep T2 2019 V1.1
  • Taxprep T3 2018 V3.0

Resolved issues

The following issues are resolved in this release:

  • The T1 EFILE box in the Transmit sidebar not displaying the step to confirm signature of the T183.
  • TaxCycle crashing when you browsed for a GIFI, Excel or other file using the Windows dialog box and then clicked the Cancel button instead of selecting a file.
  • The salutation in the French T2 engagement letters showing in English.
  • The T4A Summary in TaxCycle T4 2019 displaying incorrectly.
  • Some workflow items missing from the prior release.
  • Zoom, fit-to-width, and fit-to-height not working correctly on templates and notes pages.